April the Third

April 4, 2012
By Anonymous

It was April the third my girlfriends birthday, we weren't dating before her birthday, it was the day of her birthday we started dating. I got on Facebook to wish her a happy birthday, that is when everything happened. We were talking for awhile when she told me "Im going to dye my hair red." then "sexy" slipped out of my mouth. I was apologizing because I had thought I over stepped my boundaries and made it awkward, when she said ever so sudden "No need to apologize I like that compliment." So we talked for awhile longer and she and I shared what we found cute about one another, and thats when I asked her out. I was shocked that she answered how she answered I thought it would've been a no but I was wrong. So when I asked her if she could hang out she asked me "Where do you want to hang out?" I wasn't really sure where to hang out but we ended up at Pioneer Park we sat there for awhile just relaxing talking then I kissed her I though well i think it might be to early for that. But she teased me a bit and we kissed again. I have like her for awhile when I say awhile I mean like a year or so I was going to aske her out before the end of the school year but she moved. So I've waited for that perfect time to ask her out. But here we are hanging out of the park then she told me she had to be home at six so we started to walk toward her house when she told me it's her birthday shes going to stay out longer then her designated time out. So we ended up walking over to Burger King where we ran into some of our friends one left after they got their food and the other we hung out with till she wanted to go home. I mean this has got to be one of the best nights in my life.

The author's comments:
This memoir was inspired by my girlfriend.

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