Twisted Treat

March 28, 2012
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It started with a grotesque cookie. Chocolate chip to be exact. It tasted like dirt mixed with 4 year old Easter chocolate. Instead of melting in my mouth, it crumbled and left me parched. As I searched the mall for an unsuspecting victim to pawn the revolting treat off on, one boy caught my eye. He appeared to be so free. His disheveled mess of chocolate hair, his worn, tattered clothes, he was everything I wanted to be; careless. I wasn’t quite sure what I would say, but I knew I had to talk to him, had to know him. So with my friends laughing in the distance, I set off to meet him.

I inched closer and closer until I was mere inches from his broad shoulders. I took a deep breath, here goes nothing, I thought. I tapped him lightly on the back, leaping back a bit as he whipped his head around. He smiled, revealing a perfect set of snow white teeth. His sparkling emerald eyes squinted as the apples of his cheeks lifted, creating the tiniest indents at the corners of his mouth. “He-hello,” I stuttered nervously. I held the unappetizing cookie out before him. “Would you like a cookie?” I asked. I knew how gross the cookie was, but I felt as if it were the only way I would be able to approach him. That cookie was my mighty savior.
“Well that’s very nice of you, but you know, you should never accept food from strangers.” he said in a teasing tone.
The words became easier; I had broken the ice. “Well, my name’s Maisy. Now we’re not complete strangers.” I said, displaying my hand for him to shake. He took it gently and kissed the top. His lips were like a drop of hot chocolate on my skin; soft, warm, and sweet. I knew then and there that he was different, unique.

My mind was racing as he finally spoke. “Pleasure to meet you, Maisy. I’m Justin.” His voice was smooth as silk, but I noticed he had a slight lisp that wiggled its way into some of his words. “Would you like to wander with us?” he asked, gesturing to a stout boy with a face like a gorilla. I weighed my options before answering. I looked behind me to see that my “friends” had left me alone. Although these were two strangers, they appeared to be friendly wholesome boys. I figured why not? So there I was, walking with two strange guys, our only ties being the cookie I had eagerly discarded into the nearest trash bin. We walked in quiet for a few paces before I broke the silence. “So what brings you here?” I felt stupid for asking such a silly question.
“Just something to do, I guess. It’s nice to cool off on such a hot day,” he said, glancing sideways at me. “What about yourself?” he asked.
“I’m actually just visiting my grandparents. I’m from Vermont,” I said, trying not to stare too much at him. I didn’t want him to see me as one of those googlie-eyed spacey girls.

We began to meander all over the mall, tracing and re-tracing our steps. We talked about everything, from boys, to girls, to school, to life. I can’t recall a single moment where words were not spoken. I began to see what sort of person he truly was. He’s intelligent, insightful, and undoubtedly kind hearted. He listened to every word I spoke, and absorbed it like a sponge. I told him about my problems with people back home, and he taught me how to go about dealing with them.

I think the most valuable thing he passed on to me was to always love. No matter what anyone says or does, no matter how awful they are, always show kindness. Life is much too short to waste it hating people. Everyone does what they do for a reason, and maybe all they need is a little kindness. Since I’ve met Justin, I’ve kept in touch with him, and I still visit him every chance I get. I think the only reason I’ve survived high school this far, is because I carry all the wisdom he shares with me everywhere I go. He has truly changed my life for the better, and opened my eyes to what I can do with it.

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