Airplanes in the Night Sky

March 26, 2012
By JackieR SILVER, Flemington, New Jersey
JackieR SILVER, Flemington, New Jersey
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The first airplane flight, according to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, is the famous flight by the Wright Brothers in 1903. Ever since that first 120 foot flight that lasted a mere 12 seconds, the whole idea surrounding airplanes has changed dramatically. People can now find themselves thousands of miles from home in just a few hours and on the other side of the world in less than 24. The increase in these airplanes has made it easier to meet with friends and family and travel to places that one has always wanted to go.

But my definition is a lot different than’s. “A heavier-than-air aircraft kept aloft by the upward thrust exerted by the passing air on its fixed wings and driven by propellers, jet propulsion, etc.” is how the website defines it. But, the airplane is a symbol of hope for me. When I see it, I am filled with the happiness that I am going to see my friends. My family. Warm weather. Blizzards.

My years are filled with airplane trips to Canada. To the exotic places I have lived, Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal. And then maybe a trip to Florida every now and then to see friends and my sister. These are the airplane rides I love the most. Those ones that take me away from all my problems in New Jersey and take me to true bliss. They take me to my friends waiting open arms. They take me to my cousins’ practical jokes. They take me to my cabin in Canada. They take me to bike rides on the beach in Florida.

My father is a working man. As the marketing director of Latin America for a company, he spends half of his time out of the United States. Last week he was in Argentina. This week, it’s Switzerland. This is how it is always been. And he could not do this at all without the help of United and Continental Airlines. In this way, that precious airplane, symbolizes something sadder. It symbolizes my father departing. It symbolizes my mother’s loneliness. It symbolizes another birthday spent alone with mom. And through all that sadness, it teaches me how to be independent. How to be strong. And how to never depend on one person too much.

The definition of an airplane could never be defined in one word, but if it had to be, I would choose freedom. That idea that one can walk into an airport and say the name of any city, no matter how far and small, and they can take you there. I have always just wanted to do that. Just leave the stress of school right their on the tar matt and find my self in the beautiful island of Fiji, or Australia. But I know me. I would be waiting anxiously to come back home. To return back to my bed and my room. And the airplane can help me achieve that too. It can take me back to my humble abode, whenever I desire. And I love that. I love the diversity that and airplane can give to people.

So every time I walk onto that airplane, pushed by the rushed people behind me, I remind myself to take a deep breath (though not too deep, because airplanes always have that smell you can never put your finger on) and enjoy those few hours or terrible food, small bathrooms, body odor, and crying babies. And I hope that you remember that too for the next time you walk into the skinny aisles of a JetBlue.

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