Experiencing Puddles

March 26, 2012
By SK3335 BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
SK3335 BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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New experiencing can cause a person to be scared or hesitant, but in some occasion the end result is rewarding. Now, make sure if you’re trying something new that it won’t harm you or others around you. A few examples of events that can harm you are drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and many other things. Now, not every new experience can be harmful, but before you try anything new, consider all the possibilities that could happen. When challenging a new task, you can’t always do it by yourself. Sometimes, you need a true friend that can help you with about almost anything. Never forget that a friend worth having will always be there for you.

On October 8, 2011, we had just won our final soccer game, and it was almost sad because it was the last one of the season. That day the air smelled of a watery scent, and the clouds were strong high in the sky. There were girls screaming, parents clapping, coaches congratulating us on all are hard work, and seeing little kids look up to me. Not enough words can described how our team felt and the memories that we will have forever.

Our team took advantage of all the giant puddles of water that had been formed from the previous night. Almost everyone on the team was sliding in the water and getting soaking wet. I personally didn’t feel like getting any wetter then I already was. As I stood there, I saw everyone having an absolutely great time, but I still wasn’t sliding along with my team. As the number of girls sliding dwindle I final desisted with a friend I would slide. I walked up to Bailey one of the most amazing person I have even meet.

I told her, “If you sided, in the puddle with me. I’d finally slide into the water.” Bailey smile and replied, “Of course, I will.”

Kristin joined us too, and we all slide into the puddle. We all held hands and right before we hit the water we yelled knowing that the water would be freezing. Once we hit the water, we slide like penguins on ice, and the water attacked us with force. One aspect that we were right about was the water, in which a heart of ice was, and when we stood up we were soaking wet. After we stood up, we ran to our coaches and gave them a huge hug.

Experiencing puddles in this new way helped me realized that I should let loss more often and try different events. This also taught me that there are positive and negative experiences and that they are just waiting to happen.

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