When I busted my head at a birthday party

March 22, 2012
By Kurtis SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
Kurtis SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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It was Malik’s birthday and he was having a sleep over party at his house and we were going to go to the YMCA to play basketball and go swimming. I show up and knock on the door KNOCK, KNOCK. Malik answered the door.

“Hey Kurtis” he says.

“Waddup” I reply.
I walk into the house and see Brandon, Chris, Isaac, Dee, Andrew were all sitting there on the couch and folding chairs playing the Xbox in the front room.

“Heyyy” Malik’s Dad says.
So we play Xbox for a little bit but then we are all ready to go to the Y. We leave his house and get into his big van we all pile in in the huge van. His dad drives us there and we pull into the parking. We get out then we check in to the Y. We all decide that we were going to go swimming first. So we go to the locker room and get changed into our swimsuits. We have to rinse off to get the dirt or sweat we have off so we don’t get it in the pool. Then we come out of taking showers and we jump in the pool.

“Good Lord this water is cold” I scream.

We start hitting a big beach volleyball back in forth over this rope of flags that is suspended above the pool it then turns into a volleyball match between the two sides. Then we just say we are going to swim around the pool for a little bit by ourselves. I am swimming near the side of the pool and then WHAM I hit my head on the side of the pool.

“Are you OK” says the Lifeguard.

“Yea I’m fine” I reply back.

“GET OUT” Yells the lifeguard rushing towards me.

I hop out of the pool like nothing had just happened and I walk over to the little bleachers that they have set up by the side of the pool. I didn’t know that I has bleeding until I saw the blood that was dripping off my forehead and onto the floor. The lifeguard that told me to get out of the pool now has a first aid kit sitting next to me open with gauze and scissors sitting out next to the open case. They then wrap the gauze around my head. Then the lifeguard that wrapped my head told the other lifeguard that they need to call 911. The ambulance shows up and they bring in this box full of medical things, they ask me some questions.

“What is your name” the ambulance girl says

“Kurtis” I reply back.

Then they shine this little light in my eyes to make sure I don’t have a concussion. Then they call my dad and then they give me the phone and I tell him what had happened and he says that he will be there shortly. So I sit here and wait until my dad shows up and they are still looking at my forehead.

After about 8 minutes my dad shows up. The ambulance guys tell my dad what happened and what he needed to do about my cut on my head. Then Malik’s parents tell him what they saw and he says ok. Then my dad decides that I don’t need to ride in the ambulance and he decides that he will take me to the emergency room. We check in at the front desk and that give me this little band that shows all my information about me such as height and weight. Then the doctor calls me in the room and the nurse ask me what happened and I tell her and she says the doctor will be here shortly. Then the doctor shows with all these tools that they are going to need to give me these stiches. Then they have to give me 2 shots so that I will not feel the stiches. I have to get 5 big stiches inside my forehead. Then I have to get 13 stiches on the outside of the cut. Then the doctor says come back in about 2 weeks and the doctor will be able to take them out.
“Dad I wanna go back to Malik’s party” I state.
“No it will be better if you just stay at home and we can watch your injury” my dad reply’s.
Well then my dad drives me back to his house and we get a movie for me and my brother to watch.

Well it has been a day and I’m heading over to Malik’s house to get my stuff that I left over there when I left to go to the ER.
“ Hey Kurtis how is your heading feeling” said Malik and his parents all at once.
“ Uhh its feeling better” I say.
I walk into the room where I left my stuff.
“When you recover you can come back over and we will go to kicks with you and Malik” says Malik’s mom.
“Alright” I reply.

Well it has been 2 weeks and I am walking to the ER to get my stiches took out. I wait in the waiting room for a little bit. Then the doctor comes and calls my name and I go back to the little room where I am going to get my stiches out. It does not take a long time for me to get the stiches taken out. Then I leave and now I am back to doing my normal things.

The author's comments:
This was a memoir that really happend to me and wrote it for school

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