what is a diary?

March 19, 2012
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“Going to the dictionary meaning diary is a record of personal experiences written day after day." Our English teacher called out the meaning for the most tumultuous class. I was just going to write the replica in my note book, but I abstained from myself as I heard a voice and footsteps coming towards our class. It’s abstruse how principal ma’am enters our class and within a second faces of all the children turns extremely innocent.
“So class what’s going on?” she asked in a bold and heavy tone. “ma’am, we were just learning the meaning of a diary."”. One of the students answered hesitantly. “Ok, so what exactly a diary is?” she asked. I could hardly see one or two hands rising without any fluster. Ma’am called out the first student and he repeated the same meaning as our English madam had told us. ‘Hmmmmmm…, that was fine, but you children don’t really know the meaning of a diary isn’t it?”. Almost every student gave a brief nod. With this she started to share some of her unforgettable golden moments with us. “When my cousin’s son was very small his grandma always used to tell him about an evil ghoul who lived in there village on a very huge tree. The little kid used to get scared whenever he heard to this vicious ghost story. With the time he has grown-up and even got a job but still he remembers how her grandma used to scare him by telling him about the on-the-tree ghost tales. And even though he know it was all fake but still convinces his grandma to take him to the tree so that he could meet that ghoul.” Our principal ma’am ended with this and noticed a trim smile on my face. She shared lots of more indelible experiences and the students were also enjoying a lot. I was sitting there lost in her tales and was being inspired from within. I never imagined the principal to whom I was afraid so much had prospered my heart and soul.
“Diary is our friend indeed our best friend, the experiences we can’t even share with our closest friends we share those memories with diary. And why need of thinking day and night for great stories to write when our life has its own infinite stories.”

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chappariz said...
Mar. 21, 2012 at 3:06 pm
omg!i love this article!:)
Devilicious_PrinkZ replied...
Mar. 21, 2012 at 10:46 pm
wow!! i relly hoped that :) tahnkyou for the comment.
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