Moral freedom

March 16, 2012
By Joshua Billups BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
Joshua Billups BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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The ball flew like a bullet from his hands and then ... it suddenly popped up in the air, the ball was tipped and it flew up into the air and landed gently like a butterfly into the green and yellow clad defender’s hands. It was then that the cry of joy that had been waiting so long inside me finally escaped my lips. Suddenly I was airborne and screaming in excitement and I spontaneously did a barrel roll into the couch and fell into a laughing fit. It was then that I realized that everyone was slowly backing away from me in slight fright that I might accidentally barrel into them and hurt someone which I can completely understand as they would be afraid that I might break them. Then, I saw the Lombardi trophy handed to Aaron Rodgers now he was wearing a huge grin. Suddenly I was joyously exploding again and was cheering for what seemed eternity. Then I saw the video camera and I fell into a fit of laughing my head off in spite of the fact that I was rather annoyed.

“Stop video taping me!” I said but since I was laughing my protest was not very convincing.

Shaking her head my mom while smiling said “Come on lets go get some cheese curds to celebrate.” “Cheese curds!” I thought to myself “Those are totally Wisconsin-style!” I couldn’t have thought of a better idea myself so I agreed. The next few days had a feeling of flying on a cloud and they gave me exhilaration. The joy of that one event was the life of my week when the team that I had rooted for all my life finally won it all. The super bowl, it was the first day I ever truly felt internal freedom.

The author's comments:
this was done because it was required for class and I got an amazing grade on it so im postsing it.

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