The Awakening

March 16, 2012
By tazdvl100 BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
tazdvl100 BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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On my way to bed, I slowly stumble up the stairs with complete exhaustion. The creak of the stairs sound as vicious as a giant iron train coming to a screaming halt. I fumble with my door handle for a few seconds, then my door comes flying open. Almost there… not much longer until I can become lost in the abyss of my own imagination. I slip out of my clothes and into a comfortable pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I flipped off the light, pulled the covers up to my shoulders, and shut my eyes. Soon I was floating around in my creative mind. As I lay there motionless, the wind starts to shift. It quietly whispers to me, I try to shrug it off but it wont leave me alone. I slowly open my eyes, ignoring my heavy eyelids. I glance at my alarm clock, the bright blue numbers read 3:07 am. “Great...Just great!” I said to myself. For about twenty minutes I tried to just shut my eyes and go back to sleep. After giving up I slid myself to the bottom of my bed and turned on my radio. Soon, the soft thud of the subwoofer had lulled me back to sleep. Of course, five minutes later I was awake once again. Now, not even the radio could put me back to sleep. I just lay there thinking to myself while trying to get a little more sleep before I have to wake up to get ready for school. Unfortunately, I can’t get much sleep at all, so I am in a case of insomnia rampant for the remainder of the night. Once 7:15 am rolled around I figured I might as well get up. Surprisingly, the next day I felt quite rested so my mostly sleepless night wasn’t all that bad.

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