Disney World

March 16, 2012
By Ravin Valdez BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
Ravin Valdez BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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Have you ever been to Disney world?I have when I was 6 years old it was my first time there.When we went on the plane I was a little scared because I never been on airplane before.It took five hours to get to Orlando Florida from Colorado.Me my auntie Jojo,uncle lino,and my two cosins Steven, Aaliyah.When we got to the hotel and checked in it was fun already.We went in and got are things unpacked.We went to this ride called splash mountain that is in magic kingdom that is my flavor park out of the four parks animal kingdom,Epcot,Disney's Hollywood studio .We left that park and went to a different one.

After that park we went to animal kingdom it was cool.There is a ride called the suffrey its where you go on a car and the person drives you around and you look at the animals like cheetahs,lions,giraffes,and a lot of other animals.After that we went to the tree of life and watched the movie “A bugs life” that movie is cool because it feels like your in the movie with the characters because it is in 3-D,Also it feels like bugs are curling on your chair. Then at the end of the movie they sprinkle water on your body.then we walk around and meet same of the characters in that park.We went to the stores to look around and I got a Minnnie mouse pin that was a slide up phone and I attached to my Disney necklace.After shopping we went home and feel asleep “Zzz”.

Then we got up and got ready and went to go and eat with Mickey mouse,Minnnie mouse,Donald,Daisey,and a lot of the other characters they were going around tables signing autograph's.We went to the bus go to the park epic and that was fun because they have a big ball and it was so fun because we went next to it and went inside of the ball it was cool but
kinda not really remember it that much.Then we went to go on the rides and there was a ride where you sit on and you smell oranges,strawberries,pears,a garden of flowers,chocolate,and a lot of foods and fruits.Then we went to this space ship ride were you go in a space ship and it seems like your going to the moon.Then we got to the hotel around seven and went swimming in till 11:00 at night because it is so hot out there.

Then are second to last day we went to this park called Disney's Hollywood studios that was really fun but not as fun as magic kingdom.I think Hollywood studios is fun because you get to go on a lot of rides like the rock en roll coaster and a lot more.Also because most of the characters are in that park. Then my cosin got hungry then we went and eat some food at this restaurant that was really good.The last day we went to go check out then just went to eat.After that we went to the airport and waited for our plane I was not that scared when we went back.This is way I like going to Disney world was a lot of fun and I cant wait to go on the Disney dreams crews this December.

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