Bad Weather Regret

March 16, 2012
By IanMaldez BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
IanMaldez BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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Have you ever regretted something? I have, when I went to northern California, I went to the city of San Fransisco. San Fransisco is in the bay area of California, even though San Fransisco is in California it still can have cold weather. Enough about the weather, when I went on a vacation to California I went with my family, my Father, Grandma, Auntie and two cousins. We stayed with my Uncle and Auntie at there house. When we were out there we did a lot of site seeing, We went to old town Sacramento, Oakland, Santa cruise and San Fransisco. The morning we had went into the bay area of San Fransisco it happened to be nice out and I felt like I did not need a jacket, My dad had nagged at me saying, “Take a Jacket, your going to need it”, I told him “I wont need it, look at the weather its hot and sunny outside”. It was sunny most of the day but it happened that it rained later in the day and it was very windy. In my head I was thinking “ Great I am wrong again”. When it started getting cold out i regretted leaving my jacket at home, To even make it worse it began to rain a bit. The Dreadful, wet, and moist rain was continues for awhile. Later on during the day it stopped and the weather cleared up a bit, it was still a little cloudy but that’s how San Fransisco usually is. Then he sun began to set and it really started to get cold, now i really did wish i had my jacket. The skies were darkening and my skin began to get chills of the cold tingling weather. The weather had felt like it had been blown from an ice berg from the Arctic ocean, it was freezing. I couldn't take I had to go buy a hoodie. I asked my dad for money feeling very remorse, he asked my what for? I told him I was cold and needed to get a hoodie, like always my dads response was “ I told you so”. Looking back from there made me regret not taking my hoodie. I ended up getting the hoodie and I was warm and felt much better. That was one of the most dreadful times I regretted something, now I know its better to be safe than sorry.

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