The Ride of a Lifetime

March 16, 2012
By Lajevardi BRONZE, Westminster, Colorado
Lajevardi BRONZE, Westminster, Colorado
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I get in to the huge limo that seemed to be 1,000 feet long. My whole soccer team rushed into the limo, and I grabbed an ice cold soda. We start our journey to Cici’s Pizza blasting music along the way. I remember texting tons of people.

“I’M IN A LIMO.” I remember rushing down the crowded streets as people stared at the fun filled monster driving beside them, music pounding from inside its chest. We felt like famous singers speeding down the road.

We pulled up to the restaurant and stormed out of the limo. We got inside and started to fill our plates.We sat there talking and eating for over an hour. After indulging in the many types of pizza covered in succulent toppings we got back in the limo.

We arrived at the game ready to see some professional soccer. We went inside, found our seats, and went on a journey to find free items. We got mini soccer balls, bandannas, towels, and many other items.We also got many different snacks for the game. The warm hot chocolate rushing down my throat went perfectly will the slight chill in the air. The game was the finals to get into the playoffs so both teams were playing their hardest. I can remember the cheering of a million people pounding through the chilled sky as the rapids nearly scored, the boom of voices as our goalie blocked a shot, and the resent when the other team had the ball. As the game went on, both sides played their hardest to try to win the game, and in the end it was a tie. Both teams still had a chance to get into the playoffs, and possibly into the U.S. soccer cup.

After the game came to a surprising end, we climbed back into our limo, and sped off into the night, pounding music as we drive. We arrived back where we started, disappointed that it was all over.Although I was tired from the night , I did not want it to ever end. I hoped that my couch would do this again in the spring, but it was over. I climbed back into my car, and I took in what had happened. I realized how great the night was, and how I wanted to relive it again and again.

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