The Journey That Changed My Life

March 16, 2012
By Donny1 BRONZE, Westminister, Colorado
Donny1 BRONZE, Westminister, Colorado
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he gentle hum of the engine lolling me to sleep... I was just beginning the long journey ahead of me to New Mexico.

It was a 12 hour drive through the beautiful, snowy mountains. I was amazed how high we drove. We went through rigid valleys, around snow capped mountains, and through the pretty smelling pine trees. The thing that i did not realize before this is that nothing in the world is the same. There is always a difference, it may even be small, but no two places are exactly alike.

One thing I remember the most is me asking my aunt,”Are we there yet?” Every ten minutes. I finally asked that question on cue because we had arrived.

It was a cool, brisk morning. We just arrived in the dark hours of the morning as my stunning aunt met us by our cars. She greeted us with hugs and kisses and sent us on our way to our rooms. We were exhausted so we all went to bed. I woke up at four in the afternoon and decided to explore around the house. I found the kitchen where my brittle grandma was cooking my family dinner, but i wasn’t hungry so I went back to bed.

I was sleeping peacefully when my aunt came in the room and shook me until I was awake. She had awesome news... We were going to a hot air balloon show.

I got up, ran to my backpack and got dressed. The fog lurked around as if a beast was going to jump out of it. We got in the car and zoomed off into the orange and pink sunrise.

It felt like it took forever to get to the show, but we finally got there. I jumped out of the car and sprinted like a madman to the field. My sister was chasing me as I went. We sat on the ground in anticipation, waiting for the show to start.

I held onto my grandma as the balloons were being blown up. I was frightened to death of being smothered by the balloons. Finally, the vibrant rainbow of balloons started taking off. In no time the the sky was filled with a variety of colorful balloons. Pink, blue, orange, gray, purple, red, and yellow filled the beautiful morning sky as if the sun had turned rainbow colored. The show had started.
The balloons were soaring high in the sky as if they were hawks waiting for their prey. Their hot air meeting the fresh, damp morning air. It felt like I was being cooled then heated over and over again. The calm hush swept over the crowd as the balloons gently glided away.

I waived and told the balloons, “Bye.” As they disappeared into the afternoon sky.

The dazzling show had ended.We walked back to the car as the sweat dripped of our faces. It must have been at least 90 degrees. The heat overwhelmed us as we found the car... We were off again.

The author's comments:
My Language Arts teacher had given this assignment to our class. We were supposed to write an image rich memoir, and I just remembered that my trip to New Mexico was unforgettable so i wrote about it. My teacher thought it was really good and she told me th put it on this website.

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