Artifact in Venice

March 9, 2012
By Integer1 SILVER, Plainsboro, New Jersey
Integer1 SILVER, Plainsboro, New Jersey
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It was the summer in Venice, Italy, when a whimsical incident occurred. The cool, but hectic breeze swept over that afternoon in Venice, as an inspiration for a Gondola ride. The long boats were more balanced than I thought they would be, as the sleek architecture is what made them the great Gondolas. The silent rhythm of the ever-present accordion hummed away at our ears. The majority of the crowd were tourists, which was easy to pick out because of the difference in language in culture.

Now I acquaint with a rather serious issue which is mind-shattering at the infinitesimal instance of this moment. All over Europe, the shops specifically state that if an artifact broken, it must be accounted for. This was quite obvious and logical to most educated people. What I did not realize, was that the shops were too small, and the store owners know that sooner or later someone will knock something over. This way, some may be forced to pay expensive fees.

It was when I entered a general artifact store, after a morning Gondola ride, that this clumsiness developed within me. Obviously, this store had to be quite small, just for humiliation to occur to me. Right when I was exploring the corner shelves, my sleeve hit a translucent souvenir cup. That very moment of detachment and BANG!

The owner gave me a sly look, with a short grin. She reached down and rummaged it through her palm. Looking with cleverness, she scrutinized the cup for scratches, yet none were found. Well that definitely took the pressure off my parents, but that feeling was still locked up inside.

Furthermore, through much thinking, I have come to the conclusion that humiliation is what is needed to conquer the pride in each of us, and control our senses; in order to further stabilize our passions (anger, ego, deceit, and greed).

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