March 6, 2012
Spinning around in circles on a sunny morning, I feel rejuvenated. I feel the glow of the hot, piercing rays from the Texas sun encasing my body and let out a small squeal. I almost believe the dry, crumbling grass and the dusty, brown earth and I are connected at my heels. Twirling in unison with my hula hoop I spy the huge tree in the middle of the small clearing behind Barton Springs.
Searching the tough bark with my hands for a hold, I begin to climb and feel the old skin of the tree scratching my legs. Once at the top of a limb, I lie down and close my eyes. I listen to the sounds of the springs: birds chirping, the occasional tourist saying they’ve never been here before, kids laughing, dogs barking, and yes there is a drum circle this Sunday.
Now the Texas heat has really sunken into me and I start to walk towards my favorite spot in all of the springs. A few yards down the pathway from all the stinky dogs is a small wormhole into paradise. Next to it is a flight of concrete stairs leading to the crossing of Barton Spring Road and Robert E Lee Boulevard. Before you spot that on your right there is an odd looking clearing of the brush that almost seems that it shouldn’t be there. It has several elevations marked by planks of wood stretching about 2 yards across; each elevation is about half a foot and ascends every 2 feet. It almost seems to look like huge steps.
In the crook of the third elevation is a hidden area, covered by a few bushes and a tree where I perch. Put down my purse, phone, food, water, and sunglasses down with my towel. I look below and can see everyone that walks by while I’m completely hidden. After setting my things aside, I walk toward the side walk and slide down a concrete slope and into the pale green water of the springs. This would take some people by surprise but I am used to this chilling water, the algae, and plants underneath this beautiful, refreshing water. I float for what feels like an eternity in total silence watching the clouds slide down the sky.

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