Hot Summer Day

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Laying in the shade, wanting a cold drink. No worries, just relaxation at it's finest. Call up friends, trying to find something to do; while waiting for the icecream truck. We could go to the river, whictch part depends on what mood you're in. Either way, you're in for a refreshing treat. When night comes we can always have a spooky bonfire.

Have to decide weather to stay inside and hide from the blistering sun, or embrace it, grab some huice, and soack it all up.

A hot summers day; we could play, lay, fill up the ash tray, or stray from our homes. Have a new adventure every day.

Sleep all day and find the music and chaos at night.

Hot summer days are what I wish I could go back to. Year after year after year. The sun makes your thinking a little bit more loopy but the festivals always have bands making the music and dancing lift you away.

Hot summer days; how could anyone be in a bitter mood? Kids laughing, dogs barking, and the sound of the fan blowing. All familular sounds.

These days make your body feel alive while the sun is warming your skin.

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