"The sheep to count"

March 4, 2012
By satines SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
satines SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Mom woke me up at eight, early in the morning. It was a cold winter day and it made me so lazy to get up from my warm blanket. It was time to go to the kindergarten, mom took me there every weekdays from 8 am-4 pm. I didn’t like to be there, even the food they gave us (if we can call it “food”). Mom knew how I felt but I understand her, she had no choice, that kindergarten was the nearest kindergarten to our house and anyway she couldn’t just leave me alone at home.

“Mommy!” I said “Can we just go to grandma’s? I don’t want to go there again.” I went on.

“Grandma’s working now today honey and don’t say such stupid things, I know it’s not the best kindergarten but it also not the worst so put on your boots and let’s move on.” she said passing my lovely, brown boots.
I loved it because they were the only boots in my life in which I could slip on the ice outside and have fun. Mom always tried to buy ones that wouldn’t be slippery so I wouldn’t fall and hurt myself. But to my happiness she made a bad choice at this time and I could have that childish fun.

“Hurry up!” mom said opening the door.

“I’m coming...”I replied fastening my steps.
As we left home a cold, icy wind blew to our side and I felt how it reached to my bones. After few minutes walking we were in kindergarten. I hugged mom and went inside. The room smelt of a soup with onions which I hated and even couldn’t touch the spoon just to try it. I never ate it but the smell already told me how it tasted like. There were many big sliced onions in it to which I had an allergy.
After lunch it was playtime and the next was nap time. I kept a dragon in my shelf. It was green, had yellow wings and red hair like a real fire dragon from the books and cartoons. Once a week I cut his hair thinking they’d grow like mine and hoped that someday he’d fly with his wings. I hoped he’d take me to with him and I’d be a real princess a kind but sometimes caprice princess who wants to live in a “Chocolate World”...

“It’s time to go to sleep darlings, go to your beds!” said the teacher interrupting my beautiful dreams.
Every child in that room always differed his/her bed from others. It’s because all our beds and shelves had some sort of pictures stuck on them, so everyone recognized his/her own. My picture was the watermelon. I never knew or asked anyone why my picture was exactly the watermelon, because if I was given a choice I’d take my Dragon’s picture.

“Hey, honey,why are you still standing and staring at your bed when you are already supposed to be there?” asked the teacher with a smile.

“I’m going Mrs...but I don’t want to sleep. Look it’s sunny outside not dark why do we sleep when we can play instead of it?” I asked very seriously.

“Because all children should have a rest before playing again,” she replied.

“But I can’t sleep, I can’ force my es to close!”I said upset.

“Well, then let me show you a trick to help you get to sleep,”she said and took me to my bed.”When you feel you can’t sleep just start counting the sheep in your mind, they’ll help you to have a good nap,” she said and went downstairs.
And I laid on my bed, closed my eyes and started doing what she said - counting the sheep. But something strange happened. Every time I counted up to 10 they disappeared. I tried again and the same. They were all gone after counting up to 10. After some tryings just stopped counting and didn’t sleep all 2 hours..
It passed already 16 years and I just remember Why I couldn’t count the sheep after 10. Because I knew to count only up to 10...

The author's comments:
This is a funny and silly story based on on my child memories I really like it. it reminds me how I hated my kindergarten :)

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