March 2, 2012
My muscles twitched, urging me to turn back. It was too late for that. I was already here. I had been here for years; I just had never acted on my impulse. A quiksilver slip of my hand and it was over. The coals were enkindled and there was no rewinding time. Chaos snatched me up and dragged me to the realms of a dystopian Wonderland. Upon its sombre, ashen wings, I flew high in the nightmare skies. I soared through the tumultuous thunders and the white ribbons of lightning. On an inky nebula, I was fed ambrosial elixirs, unaware of its true qualities. Enticing me, I drank more and more. I sipped the poisons of the other world. I bathed in the nectars of grandeur, all whilst the tempest swirled on behind me. An abrupt whirlwind seized hold of me and launched me back down to earth in a spiraling descent. My eyes now blackened and my clothing tattered, I ached for the solace of my addiction. Relief was granted to me in the form of a misty, midday sun shower. I bottled up the raindrops, my desire, my vices. With a backwards tilt of the head, I felt my mouth mechanically opening. And I drank, and I drank, and I drank.

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