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February 23, 2012
By RoscoeJenkins BRONZE, Rex, Georgia
RoscoeJenkins BRONZE, Rex, Georgia
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Waking Up on a divine morning my mom called me and my brother into her room. My mom had tears traveling down her face. She said “boys sit down” as she patted where she wanted us to sit. We were worried what she was about to tell us. My mom said in a weary voice; your cousins were in car accident and, Joy had passed away at the scene and Jessica was fighting for her life in the hospital.
I took it real hard because Joy was really close to me, and she had a one year old daughter. Few hours later…..I was getting ready for baseball practice and, my mom received a phone call saying Jessica has passed away in the hospital. I told myself it’s hard to lose the ones you love. I asked myself why this always happen to me in my life it’s so rough to go through what you goes through. My grandmother on my mom side called and asked if I wanted to praise dance. I responded back “no” because I was shocked they were gone. It’s seems like every day I lose them because I never got to say good bye to them as they passed away.
In a song called I give myself away a part said my life is not own to you I belong; knowing that they were in a better place. I was mad because I felt like it was my fault. At the funeral; we were about to enter the church to view the bodies. It was my final glimpse of my cousins. I was at Jessica casket crying and at Joy casket wondering how are things going to be. We were running low on gas so we had to get gas so we couldn’t keep up with the half of the funeral.
When we were leaving the gas station went straight to the grave site They were just arriving at the grave site that’s when I said yes we were right on time the church and grave site was 5-10 minutes apart. The whole family was devastated because Joy and Jessica had passed away. Everything has changed after we buried them at the cemetery.

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Me and my cousins

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