The Female Judge

February 19, 2012
By Karinkoch SILVER, Vancouver, Other
Karinkoch SILVER, Vancouver, Other
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Her body so tense, filled with disgust, but the thought of being betrayed still tucked in those neat little boxes on the back of her mind, waiting to be tipped over. How did this happen? Was she not experienced enough to notice the little details? All those nights of waking up and touching the cold bed sheets while knowing they were still warm a little while ago. The bored facial expression he wore on the breakfast table, and all the late night calls he made that were said to be “business” calls. It couldn’t be right, she thought, after all, she is a female judge who faced all sorts of issues in the court room. There must be some sort of a misunderstanding. Was she not worthy of his affection? Wrong, she thought, her father always told her being in a high position would always result admiration and the promise of never having to be mistreated. Or was it the fact that she was still too young to devote herself to her personal life while most of her attention stayed in the court room even after working hours? She opened her window, and found herself staring into the night city with a lazy gaze. The dim light of her living room and the cheerful noises that came from her upstairs neighbour suggested a deeper fall of despair. The thoughts of all her accomplishments arose. She didn’t care what people thought of her, and she knew she didn’t need to achieve fondness since she preferred to get things done on her own. But somehow, the slip of paper he left on the table seemed to be the reason of her silent tears. The simple black ink showed the dreadful words and violently sliced her heart with no mercy. “I’m leaving you because I don’t love you anymore, please understand.”

The author's comments:
The female judge finds a slip of paper from her partner that suggested the end of their relationship, she struggles while she finds herself dealing with failure, which is not familiar to her.

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