February 17, 2012
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Being in the hot sun, in my bikini, with a bunch of friends, running around water parks are how I like to spend my summer days. Blue Bayou and Schlitterbahn smell just like sun tan lotion, it's heaven! On my birthday I went to Blue Bayou with my friend Chase and my family, and we were running around the parks trying to figure out what ride we wanted go on first. It was my birthday so I chose the voodoo!! The most popular ride at Blue Bayou! I was so excited! My cousins, Gabrielle and Courtney thought Chase was so hot they kept fighting over who was gonna ride with him! I crushed their dreams when I told them he was my friend he is riding with me! They were happy when they saw the white slide could fit more than two people so we rode that twice so they both could get a turn. We ate lunch and headed towards the lazy river.

The lazy river felt like it was a good choice because after we ate we wanted to relax. Well we did not want to lose Chase because it was so packed so he grabbed my hand, boy did that make my cousins jealous. They were grabbing any part of his body they could. It was getting late so we decided to head to Dixie Landin. The family, Chase, and I decided to ride the Ragin Cajun. Its huge and it goes forward and backwards. Chase and I sat together and I screamed all in his ear. He was deaf at the end of the ride. We road many more rides and we were all so tired so we got dressed and headed home. Chase was passed out on the way home. That's how I spent my 15th birthday.

For my 16th I went to Galveston, Texas. My aunt, godfather, cousin, and I went to a park called Schlitterbahn water park. We stayed right behind the water park. Gabrielle and I were so excited to wake up the next morning to get our day started at Sclitterbahn. My Aunt Lori and Paran could have stayed in bed all day but we made them get up. We rushed to get ready and get breakfast! We were ready to go! We got there and Gabrielle and I ran to get in the wave pool.

The wave pool leads into a lazy river and it goes all around the park and they have rapids at one point of it. Me and Gabrielle spent most of our day in the lazy river because it was the best place to be! Gabrielle kept screaming "Charlie Charlie come here". I was, like," I'm not Charlie!!!!!!" People were laughing at us. Man, we had so much fun. We met this kid from Germany his name was Yanny. He was so cute and he kept flirting with us and we definitely did not mind. He moved from the corner wave to the rapid lift! It was amazing ! We screamed " Hey Yanny!!!" Gabrielle said, " You dont remember us huh?" Yanny responded," Yes I do, I remember her bathing suit" as he pointed at me. I felt kind of creeped out for a second then I thought man he is cute, so I did not care. Gabrielle and I kept going around and around in the lazy river just to see Yanny and get him to smile. I know we sound like creeps but it was so funny. Everyone around us kept laughing. It was lunch time so we brought bunches of food from the hotel and ate the table. One other good thing about Schlitterbahn is that you can bring your own cooler and leave it and come back and it still be there. At Blue Bayou, you have to lock everything up and you can not bring a cooler. After lunch we went back to the lazy river and Yanny was gone. Gabrielle and I were so sad so we went on every ride to find him. We saw him about two more times. My Aunt Lori , Paran, Gabrielle, and I all went on this family ride. We were about a hundred pounds over the weight limit. It was so scary, I felt like I was gonna fall off the side of the ride. I was about to be a flat pancake. But we made it to the bottom! The bottom of all the slides lead into the lazy river so we just took the lazy river around! I saw Yanny again I was blushing!! He was too cute, especially his accent. Gabrielle and I had the best time! That's how I had so much fun for my 16th birthday!

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