The Story of My Family and I (1995-2012)

February 17, 2012
By djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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January 4, 1995 was the day that I was born (I was the first child that she had ever had) and my Mom had just turned eighteen years old about nineteen days before. At the time my Mom was with my Dad whose name is Damon and who was a about nineteen to twenty years old. My Mom had to deal with a lot of crap coming from my Dad for about three to four years after I was born, which eventually lead my Mom and I leaving him.

For a little bit of time my Mom wasn't dating anyone, then she met another man named Ray and dated him. My Mom and Ray dated for a while in which lead to a big surprise; my little brother Austin. When my little brother Austin was born I was about three years old and my loved to dress children up, so later in time my Mom got a quiet of few pictures of me and Austin sitting together all dressed up.

As Austin got older he became a little weird and as time went on he only got weirder, and yet he still fit in with the rest of the family. I remember one time I went to play with a toy and there was some kind of nasty smelling stuff all over the place, come to find out it was Austin’s poop smeared everywhere because at that time he really liked to play with his poop. My brother was around for a couple of years and then he was taken by his father in which lead to me not seeing my brother for quite a lot of years. Another surprise came and that was my first sister Destiny. My Mom, Sister, and I eventually moved away to Brown county and then to Bloomington.

When we moved to Bloomington, I eventually started kindergarten. On the first day of school I was so scared, nervous, and shy to the point that I was paralyzed. I was so new in Bloomington, it didn't really help that I had a shy nature. I had started at a new elementary school, in which later became the only school for me. I had made only one friend during Kindergarten year, in which whom moved away before first grade. When I got to first grade, I was so excited about meeting my new teacher Ms. Douglas. Ms. Douglas was the best teacher that I had ever had. She had so many new and creative teaching styles. It was so much fun having her as a teacher. I also met a really nice but serious gym teacher Mr. Nichols.

A lot happened in first grade, it all started with me making a new friend. The friend's name was William a.k.a Billy. When I met Billy I didn't just make one friend instead I made three friends. The other two friend’s names were Mark and Jon. After we all began to hang out it was to the where we would be friends until one or two of us moved away and the others couldn’t find the others. Another thing that happened was that my Mom got me a dog, at the time I was so scared of dogs. That day was really scary for me because the dog went running after me and of course I moved out of the way which led Billy and my Mom to chasing the dog for about a half an hour. The second to last thing that had happened in first grade was when I given a big brother from Big brother Big Sister came into my life. His name was Paul. The very last thing that was a guy named Chris coming down and moving in with my Mom, Sister and I.

Second grade came around and it wasn’t as exciting as the other years, but it is a part of my life. My second grade teacher’s name was Ms. Rainy. She really wasn’t one of my favorites, and yet I remember her. So she had to of done something that struck my attention or I wouldn’t of remembered her. Paul and had been friends for about a year. Mr. Nichols and I had gotten a better relationship.

Third grade then came along and that year was a really thing for my family and I. For beginners I met my new teacher. We all called her Ms. P. because her real name was just too hard to say. Second my Mom had another baby and it was a girl of all things. I don’t know why the baby couldn’t be a boy, but hey it’s all past. Third my Mom and Chris had gotten married. For that last year more or less Chris and I hadn’t gotten along, because I was the only man in my mom’s life for a while and then he was going to take my man hood from me. So after my Mom and Chris had gotten married, I felt stripped of my young man hood and that made me mad. On the other hand Paul and I had won a award for being the best siblings of year in that school district. On another bad thing at the end of third grade my dog died. I became one of Mr. Nichols’s favorite.

I have to say that the fourth grade was probably the year that I had the most fun. That year I met a person that I probably would never forget and that person’s name was Mr. Sudbury whom which was my fourth grade teacher. Mr. Sudbury always had an old saying everyday that class was in. He and Mr. Sudbury were probably the coolest older people that had ever met and ever will meet. Life was simple for all those years until fifth grade came around.

Fifth grade was the year that everything changed for my family and me, because we all started going through therapy. We started a program called wraparound and I have to say if it wasn’t for what all happens during this part of my life I would be a completely different person than the one I am. This was just the beginning of a long bumpy road with therapy and my inner self. Before I started the program I had just met my new teacher Mrs. Stolts. . I liked my new teacher, but she wasn’t as cool as Mr. Sudbury. During fifth grade year I signed up for track and field, that’s when Mr. Nichols really seen what I had. That year I won two silver medals, one in each sporting event; shot put and discus. By the end of fifth grade year I had to say my goodbyes to all of my old and new friends so that I could move away to Ellettsville, IN.

Before sixth grade had even began, my best friend Billy moved in and as we were going to the JR. High a couple guys asked us if we were going into seventh grade because they wanted us to play football. We got signed up and we then went shopping for school supplies. Billy lived with my family and I for about six months, during that time we found an old friend whose name was Travis. Later Billy had to leave because we had a really big fight at school. A little later Travis and I got in fight, which led me to meadows.

Seventh grade wasn't too good because that year I had gotten charged with assault and battery for grabbing my teacher’s wrist. I have always thought that the way I had gotten onto probation was simply stupid, but that’s just my opinion. After I got put onto probation and when it ended I had learned so much about myself. Probation changed my little in the right way. That was still the beginning of the long, bumpy road. I had made another friend named Billy. Paul moved away to Boston.

During eighth grade nothing really stood out to be too important. My freshman year I was not into school like how I was in elementary school, in fact I was kind of fed up with school. During freshman year I didn't really do much except get into trouble and I had gotten a new Big Brother named Daniel. Every morning as soon as I got to school I was already waiting to go home. My sophomore year I got into trouble and I was just so fed up with everything that I dropped out of school.

After I had dropped out I started going to the GED program. I went through the whole GED testing within 74 hours. I then went to a technical college and studied for a business major, just to find out that school isn't for me and yet I had known that from the beginning. I just thought that I could make, but I can't so I hope that I can get a job.

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