The friend I thought I knew

February 16, 2012
As I lay in my room I stare at the walls and wonder what went wrong? Why did I do that? Was it my entire fault? You may wonder why I ask myself these questions, but the answer is quite simple. I lost my best friend Chloe. Well you are totally lost so let me just start from the beginning of the 8th grade.

As I walk through the doors breathing in the air of moldy lunch food and dusty books I can tell that this year will be full of adventures, drama, and fun. I still have the butterflies wondering who my teachers are and who will be in all my classes. Well most of my teachers were nice and my friends were in my classes but I was still nervous. I didn’t know why, it was probably just first day of school nerves acting up. Oh well I wasn’t going to let that stop me. As I go in to advise I see a few of my friends and my boyfriend, not Chloe (a.k.a my best friend). When I go into Choir I see Chloe and give her a huge hug. As the day goes on I discover that Chloe is in the majority of my class’s, and so is the new girl, Madison.

As the first quarter went on Madison, Chloe, and I were inseparable. We could tell each other anything and know it would stay a secret. We could stay up for hours and talk about nothing but still have something to talk about. As what I thought everything was going great, but apparently it wasn’t.

When the end of November came around Chloe seemed to have changed. In my eyes it wasn’t a good change. She seemed more “Popular girl” material. I guess that a rumor had started that Chloe was mad at me. It all started when I and my friend Savanna were talking.
“Hey do you know if Chloe is mad at me? She seems very distant.” I asked curiously.
“Well she and I were talking and she said she wasn’t mad.” Answered Savanna
“O okay.”
“No you didn’t let me finish. She said I’m not mad I’m pissed at her!”
“Oh, that’s what I thought”
And that’s when the fight broke out. People said she called me something so I called her something and a lot of the things got twisted up and weren’t true. As we try to fix the fight just gets worse and worse.

When will the torture end!!!

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JOKelly said...
Feb. 23, 2012 at 8:46 am
Im sorry nice dynamic characters.
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