Hopefully Devoted to You

February 15, 2012
Please don’t talk to me or look at me ever again. I can’t be around you anymore. It just hurts too much. But who am I kidding? That’ll never happen. I’m too attached. I’d let you smother me with affection if it meant that I could be with you. I’d do anything for you. I’d do anything to be with you. I love you. Desperately and hopelessly. Desperate because of how much I want you. Hopeless because you’ll never want me. You’re all I ever think about. You consume my every thought and feeling. You influence my every action. I could never forget you. Ever. I’ll never let you go. I’ll never give up. Because you make me feel whole. Special. Important. Fulfilled. When I’m with you, I have no cares or worries. I think you’re perfect, because you are perfect. I know you love me, but you’re not in love with me. I’d like to think that if you could, you would. So maybe I am a little hopeful. Hopefully devoted to you.

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