My Dreams - Part 1

February 14, 2012
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I let myself dream. It was a simple silly dream really; one that entailed lots of colors and bright happy things. And it went much the way that dreams tend to go. Except that when I woke, the dream didn’t end. It started much like this…

My voice was suddenly extremely loud in the silence of my bedroom. I could practically hear my hair grow. I had woken from a dream in which I’d been conversing politely with a set of colors, so why did the colors still exist? I looked around me and noticed a thick, silver-violet mist encasing my bedroom. A soft, tinkling laugh carried through the walls. On instinct, I knew no one in my house had made that soft, little noise. And that thought is what scared me the most. I couldn’t see, but then again, no one really can in the dead of night. But I knew that there was someone else in my room. “Hello?” My voice came out tentative, nervous, and probing. I let it break the silence until my ears were ringing with the sound of nothingness.break the silence until my ears were ringing with the sound of nothingness.

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