February 1, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a normal Friday. I got off the bus and headed to my home. Although I barely call it that anymore. When I got to the front door and opened it. I’ll never forget what I saw when I opened that door, because it was the last time I would ever open that door again.

When I opened that door to my surprise I saw boxes everywhere. Stuff scattered from corner to corner. What once was my home was now just a bunch of boxed up memories. I walked around the house looking around at each place on the wall were there use to be a picture. Pretending like maybe it would still be there. I had to figure out what was going on so I called my mom to find out if she knew what was happening. When I got off the phone I knew. We were moving. The idea had been thrown around for years, But nobody ever did anymore then talk about it, so I never took it seriously. Then, just like that we are moving. It hasn’t even hit me yet. I slowly made it to my room were everything still seemed to be in tack and untouched. This was the only part of my home left. As I sat in my room I thought about how the stuff inside the house makes the home. And it didn’t even seem like the same place with all the stuff packed up, like I didn’t even know my way around the house anymore, I grabbed some boxes from the kitchen, to try and start packing up my whole life in a few boxes. I didn’t even know where to begin. So much stuff, how do I even organize it? But slowly with enough help I got the job done.

Now, the big question was where are we going to live? Well there is a house that my mom had already pretty much bought. But it’s not 100% yet. So I have to find somewhere to live for the time being until we get the house, if we get the house. This is where having a big family comes in handy. I got options to for places to live. My mom is going to my grandparent’s house with my brother, but that’s no fun, I don’t want to live with old people. So I chose to live at the funniest house possible. My cousin’s house. With no idea how long it’s going to take to buy the new house. Not even sure that we will end up getting the house. Riding are living arrangements on chance. Like my life is being played in a game of runlet wheel, and I have to play. It turns out though that living at my cousins makes everything just a little bit more difficult. Having to live with 5 other kids, having to wake up twice as early just to make the journey of getting to school on time, having to figure out a way to get home every day. And come to school like nothing ever happened. At school I can pretend like I’m a normal kid who has a home to go to. A place to be other then here. Which made me think how people can have so much problems outside of school and you can never tell at school. Like at school we all have a second identity and that we are all try to live up to some sort of expectation, wither it’s who you are outside of school or not.

The author's comments:
All my feelings about what happend when i movied made me want to write this piece.

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