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February 1, 2012
By nvalex BRONZE, Sumas, Washington
nvalex BRONZE, Sumas, Washington
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Lives change in an instant, one moment you can be super rich and minutes later you could be dirt poor. People never know what’s coming to them. Their lives could change slightly or in large ways. Like an accident that paralyzes you or as small as being cut and not being able to play at the next soccer game.

My life has changed a lot in so little time. My Xbox broke about three months ago, and that’s all I spent my time on. Playing video games was my favorite thing. I spent an average of five hours playing video games a day.

Now, I barely even see an hour of TV a day. I started spending time with my friends a lot; I spend my weekends with them and maybe some week days. We go out and see movies or hang out at the mall all day. If I’m not with a friend, I’ll be at home texting my friends and keeping in touch. I have to say that spending time with my friends is much more fun than just playing video games with them over the internet.
That’s not the only thing that was affected by my Xbox breaking. I started driver’s education which has taken up most of my Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. But now I am only six months away from being able to get my license. Once this happens, I won’t have to ride the bus to school anymore or as people call it “the shame train”.

My Xbox breaking also helped me realize that I should spend more time with my sick grandpa. He came to the United States about four years ago, blind and about to die. He was an alcoholic when he was younger, and now he is facing the consequences. He has been in dialysis for the past years, going three times a week. This summer he got worse. He was about to die his heart was giving out. Although, all of a sudden he woke up and said he wanted to see his daughter. So we flew her over here and had him spend time with her.

Now that she left, I spend time with him. Every weekend I try to go and visit him over in his apartments. It really makes me feel sad that he has never really seen me, but he can still have a good conversation with me. Although he does side track a little when he talks to people now, he talks about something and then he just starts talking about something else, I believe it’s because of two previous strokes he has had since he got here. This made me realize how our health is very delicate; that people have to watch what they do in life because those bad decisions people make affect them later on in life and has them suffer.

These are some changes that have happened since the end of summer. You should be prepared for anything, because your life could change. It’s happened to me it and it can surely happen to you, just be prepared for hard moments in life.

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