Brotherly Love

February 1, 2012
By nathan12 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
nathan12 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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During the first ten years of my life, my older brother Jordan was never really there for me, he was in his teens and off with his friends and wouldn’t want to be hanging around with his little brother that was only eight. As the years progressed my brother and I became closer and closer. My brother and I were never very good children, but we tried. My brother is only my half brother; he has the same mom as I do, but a different dad. I remember time’s when I was little and my brother would have his girlfriend’s over at our house, and since he would always pick on me I would always do it back because I knew how to embarrass him. Even though my brother was two times the size as me it didn’t mean I was scared of him. When he had girls over I would always say “Jordan is gay”, “Jordan is a sissy” make comments that were never really true, but at the time were funny. They always made the girls laugh, but the down side was that my brother would always get pissed at me and would try to attack me. He would always pick on me the same way, pick me up off and feet and hang me from the door knob by my underwear. I was never tall enough to touch the ground, which was hard to live with. My brother and I always got along, but when we did fight, it was about stupid things, but by the end of the day we were back to loving each other and hanging out all the time. I know that my brother will always be there for me; well I hope he will at least.

As the years flew by, me and my brother started splitting apart again because he was 18 and could leave the house whenever he wanted and since he could drive he would never be home. When I was in middle school it was a very rough time for me because I had bad grades and I was always getting in trouble. I think the main reason for this was because in 7th grade my older brother was sentenced to 3 years in a state prison because he was convicted of armed robbery. By the end of middle school my friends and I split apart because I got held back and since I didn’t go to the high school, I never saw them besides after school. So pretty much when my brother went to prison that pretty much ruined my life and my whole families in fact.

The first 18 months of his sentence I never went to go see him because I thought that since he ruined my life he didn’t deserve to see me. I finally went to go see him down in Monroe, Washington where he was at. I was very scared to go see him because I never really liked prisons. My mom told me to think of it as a really big college. A college with barbwire fences surrounding it. It was weird at first but after a while it got better and easier to go and see him. After the three years he was in prison he was finally getting out. I was very excited because I finally thought that I would be getting a brother again and that he would make up for the three years I lost a brother. My brother only stuck around for about five months after he got out, I stopped seeing him just like before. I remember playing football and catch when he was home. I miss it. It’s almost baseball season and I don’t have anyone that I can play catch with because all my friends don’t play baseball.

I think that my brother needs to get off the damn drugs and come back to his family. The way he is treating his family is bull S***. He chooses drugs over his family? WTF… One of his close friends just recently over dosed on drugs, he was sent to the hospital and almost died. You think that Jordan would realize that he could die. Does he want to die? Because the way I see it there are two options for him and the road he is taking. There is either go back to prison, or end up dead. Which one would you rather choose Jordan?? Does he not want to spend time with his family? Or what? I would like him to come back home, but I don’t think my word means anything to him like it used to. One of these days he will see how much he is hurting his family and come back home, we all love him and want what’s best for him. I remember the good times, does he?

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