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February 1, 2012
By nathan12 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
nathan12 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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My family has had some problems over the years with my brother. He has been to prison and jail many times. I don’t want to end up like my brother. Jordan is 25 years old and he has been in some very bad places in his life.
When my brother was about 16 the TV show jackass came out and he loved it. I remember when he would do stunts and video tape them. We still have them today and they are very fun to watch. He would do Crazy things like jump off the roof onto a huge pile of cardboard boxes with his best friend Andy. Another one of his Jackass stunts was when he would like his farts on fire. One day me and my mom came home and he had this like “OHH S***” face. He told us he lit his fart on fire and burned all his butt hair off.
“Jordan can I play with you?” Nathan asked.
“Of course not, go back inside and leave me alone!” Jordan yelled.
“Why don’t you ever let me play, you jerk!” Nathan mumbled while walking inside. Of course Jordan heard me and got pissed and chased me inside, but he got over it eventually.
My mom would always tell Jordan to stop but he would never listen to her. I looked up to Jordan as my hero and I always wanted to do exactly what he wanted to.
Jordan went to prison when I was in 13 for 3 years for something that he should have never done.. My brother collected Michael Jordan shoes and had at least 10 or more. When he was robbed, he didn’t call the police he just decided to steal them back. But one thing he didn’t think about was that the guy could possibly call the police, and the guy did call the police if you didn’t figure that out already.
When I came home after school to grab my baseball cloths my dad told me to wait because he needed to tell me something important. When he told me my brother was going to prison I was shocked and somewhat speechless. On the way back to school I became confused and having a baseball game in about 1 hour didn’t help the situation because I was not focused. All I could think about was my dad saying “Nathan, You’re brother is going to prison”. It was going through my mind over and over.
My brother and I were always so close, and when he left I felt somewhat alone like I didn’t have anyone that I could relate to or talk to. I am now 17 and my brother and I are close but not as close as I would like to be. He lives in Idaho and that does not help us being closer. Jordan wants to be a personal trainer because he has always liked working out. We would always wrestle when we were younger. He would always win, but now I have a fighting chance. Even though he can bench 350lbs I still fight back, and of course I win! No not really, but I don’t go out without a fight. My brother is 6’ 3” and I’m only 5’ 9”. All throughout middle school and high school he played Baseball, Football and Basketball. He was a major athlete and was always active. Once he started getting into drugs things went down from there. He stopped doing sports, he got skinny and was getting into trouble.
In Idaho, Jordan is away from his old friends and the drugs that came along with them. He is starting a new life there with his girlfriend Melissa and their soon to be new born. I am extremely happy for him because he’s on a road to success, and a happy life.

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