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February 1, 2012
By Larry47 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
Larry47 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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"Only you can be you, only I can be me"

Another day goes by everyday seeing my friends and family everyday. You may say it’s another day of a high school kid, but it’s growing up. Getting in fights with my parents over the stupid things like wanting to walk out in the snow and go see my friends is just one of the many. Yeah, they are stupid reasons to fight, but it can be said my mom and I are pretty stubborn people… We might not always get along, but life goes on…

Every kid during their senior year in high school want to spend the weekend with friends and not have to just sit in the house not having anything to do. So then why would my parents want me around the house doing nothing? It’s not like we spend very much family time. We have a TV in about every room of our house and my family is just known to sit around and watch TV unless every now and then it’s the Saturday or Sunday with the Filipino Community in Bellingham partying. But that’s not that cool either because there is no one there originally my age to hang out with. But my main point is that, no one should ever be forced to hang with their family when they are 18 and there is nothing left to do.

Seeing my friends that I’m either in high school with or even some that graduated last year from my high school are always the ones I’m always down to chill with. Two of those guys happen to be really good friends of mine. I can never pay them back for all the good things they have done for me. Most of the times it’s all good, but then you need that older and wiser experienced man who happens to always be your very own father. My dad and I talk all the time because one thing I happened to learn through my friends which became a big problem in where I learned, your dad will always be your best friend ever and will look out for you better than anyone else. Drama will always be in your life, but always put it this way, life goes on…

Besides the drama and looking at who you can trust, you even have school work. Something stupid that all high school students do is wait until last minute to get their work done, well I happen to be last minute of the semester. That realization needing to graduate from high school came late for me, but it’s in progress. Having your teachers on your back all the time and dad always barging into your room asking you “How are your grades?” It gets annoying, but then it only comes to show that teachers really do care if you graduate or not and thinking it is about time I get off my lazy butt and take care of myself and start acting like an adult.

I even have a younger sibling who use to always get on my last nerve, but looking at it now, he is starting to grow up and mature. Him and I start to get along better now these days, but I always think about my future in how my brother and I will be. My dad always keeps telling me that someday my brother and I will become the best of friends, but I don’t know about that one. My brother and I have our moments and he always wants to wrestle me hoping someday he will be strong enough to beat me up… I can tell you it’s fun because I am always exercising and working out and making this kid feel like an idiot, but he never gives up. My brother even fight a lot still too in where we get to shoving each other around and hitting each other. I swear that boy is not afraid to fight and always says the meanest things like “Why don’t you get out of the house already?” or even “I hate you!” I’m sure he doesn’t hate me, but then again it is possible that the kid does have some secret hatred for me. I’m mean I can’t blame him. That kid is smart and can remember a lot of crap I have given him ever since he was at the age of four. But he will soon enough figure out that life goes on…

Thinking about it now, I might actually be the dumbest kid between my brother and my older sister. I mean my only option right now is just to graduate and then go into the armed forces. My sister is going through college and learning to become a teacher, my brother is making better grades than I did when I was back in his grade, and my dad is telling me that college isn’t my thing and maybe I should just go to trade school. Is this really how I am actually looked at? The “dumb kid”?!? Well that just proves I haven’t ever been up at my parents’ expectation. But can you blame me? My parents thought it was a great idea to start leaving me alone to do my own homework without them in third grade when I never paid attention to the teachers in my whole life and my parents were the ones who usually helped me with all of that. Back when I was starting in first grades, girls became my priority.

If anything, I only let my best friend back then convince me to go into boy scouts was because girls back then liked the boys who were tough enough to spend the night out in the wild, but who was I kidding, I was born in the suburbs, but every weekend in the city of New Jersey was what made me a city kid. I had no clue what I was doing. If anything, I always had my dad right next to me to help me with it. All my friends made fun of me for that stuff and lets say there was no love for Larry. Well that was at least until it was almost toward the end of the year and I was stupid enough to challenge these other boys on the monkey bars and see who could jump to the farthest bar and hold on. I for sure fractured my arm and I got all the ladies giving me sympathy until I remembered it wasn’t too long ‘til I had to move to Arizona…

It just comes to show that everything in your life might seem like it’s going great until the next thing you know, you realize how stupid of an idea it was to do that in the first place. I guess this sort of stuff happens to you for a reason, but it’s just a for sure thing that life does go on…

The author's comments:
This is basically all about me and the problems I face today and hoping to leave the house real soon on my own and not have to worry about what my parents think of me when I do leave.

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