Traveling Love

January 24, 2012
By Begemina BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
Begemina BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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Flash Backward. It's the beginning of July, and I was getting ready to go on vacation to Europe with my brother. I was going back to my hometown, back to the place I love. I thought I couldn't have been happier. I'll spare you all the details because I know that's not why you're here.
Flash Forward, just a bit. Flash past a couple of weeks of swimming, dancing, partying, and fun. Flash to the day I met him. At first I didn't take much notice to him, I thought just another boy. No big deal. I didn't know his name, I didn't know his story. I knew he lived in England, and was from my hometown as well. That's all. I figured I wouldn't be spending much time with him to even care. As my friends and I walked home, he trailed behind me with my brother. I overheard him ask who I was and my brother simply said, "Sister." That was it.
The next day was... interesting. It was around eight o'clock and night had fallen. Eight other friends and I including him were sitting on these huge steps that had become our hangout spot. All we were doing was laughing and smiling like we didn't have a care in the world. But then I looked over at him. He sat distanced from everyone else flicking a lighter on and off. The street light shined over his head making his eyes look like two big black circles. I didn't understand what was going on. I asked him to cheer up and smile and he just gave me an angry look. I told him he was scary. He said I was weird.
His phone rang and he got up to go answer it. I sat down and couldn't help but watch him. He had this fairly short, brown hair that had a life of its own. It was in the shape of a fohawk with a messy texture. Adorable if you ask me. He was wearing a plain, black V-neck shirt, with normal jeans. He had a lean figure and toned arms. As I was observing him, something miraculous happened: He smiled and laughed. I smiled back, something forced me to. He was one of those people who had a contagious smile with straight, white teeth, dimples, and laugh lines that looked back at me. Too gorgeous. How had I not noticed before? Days would go on and each day I'd notice something new. Like his structured jaw line, or the tiny white scar near the end of his eyebrow. But the thing I could not ignore was his two big eyes. They were a muddy brown color enlightened by sparks of green. Absolutely stunning. I don't think I could ever forget them considering my best friend has those same damned eyes. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's not forget the story line. I continued to admire him until my trance was interrupted. My friend had gotten bored and wanted to leave. Seven hopeful eyes stared back communicating that they agreed. So we left.
We decided on going to this old playground that only the older teens used. It was rusty and not much of a sight, but it meant a lot to me. Many things would happen here that would scar me for life, but in good ways of course.
We all paced on, some silently, some loudly. As the rest of my friends pushed each other around and laughed, he and I lingered back. At that moment, something changed. It was a chilly night that I hadn't been prepared for. I shivered slightly and wrapped my arms around myself. He looked at me and simply, but swiftly, took off his jacket and handed it to me. I was about to protest, but something inside me really wanted it. I grabbed the jacket and muttered thanks. He smiled in response. We kept going with no words flowing, but still, the silence was filled.
Once we had made it to the playground, everyone scattered off into their own groups sitting in every other corner. I sat with him on one of the benches. He put his arm around me and we just talked about random things and asked each other questions. I realized something important that night. Not only was this boy cute, but he had the most beautiful voice. It was soft, yet deep followed by a British accent that would make any girl swoon. I couldn't help but let out a happy squeal any time he said something. The amazing night continued until it was past midnight and everybody had to walk each other home. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways promising ourselves that we would see each other the next day.
That night I laid in bed with an indescribable feeling. I guess you could call it happy, but it was much more than just that, it was bliss. I thought about everything that had just happened, and felt confused. At first, I had thought this boy despised me, and yet here he was giving me his jacket and wrapping his arms around me. I mean, what would you think?
There wasn't really much to do, but wait and see what would happen. The sun came up quick and bright the next day. I had been walking to my friend’s house when I came across him. He was pacing away with some people and stopped to stare at me. Just for a second. For that split second, I had to smile. He just had a certain look in his eye that had answered all of my questions from the previous night. The puzzle pieces had been put together, finally.

Flash Forward. He and I had gotten a lot closer the past couple of weeks. I began to enter just a tiny part of his big world. I remember sitting in the sweltering sun one day when I heard him call my name.
"Come on, I want to show you something."
So, I got up and followed him down the wet and grassy slope. He was down half way when he turned to help me down, he grabbed my hand and both of us went sliding. We fell on top of the land, creating a mud sandwich. Of course falling had made us both laugh. We laughed on quietly until we both stopped and I stared into my favorite pair of eyes. My heart leaped as I felt him moving in closer. I could feel his hot breath on me, smell the faint smell of cologne, and feel the muddy earth beneath us. I knew it was time for the first kiss. I took in a deep breath and moved in to my target, knowing that it was what I had wanted. Regardless of how determined I was, it didn't stop the giant glob of mud from hitting the side of my face. I gaped in horror as I opened my eyes and saw the devil staring back at me. At first I didn't understand, but I came to realize what he had wanted. Spreading a wicked smile across my face, I let the cold, mushy dirt sink into my hands and chucked it at the running boy. By the end of our little "mud fight", we had covered every inch of our bodies with the brown goop. The only thing left to do was jump in the river to cleanse ourselves.
Which brings me to a sweet thing called revenge. We splashed around a bit and then stopped. He inched closer to me as I waded in the water. I felt his cool hands encase my waist pulling me closer as the water rippled around us. Once again we had brought our faces closer together. Just as our lips were about to meet, I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him under the surface of the water... this is where the games began, and didn't end.
All we would do was play. Lips always barely touched and then... nothing. Disappointment. This wasn't the last time I'd be disappointed with him.
Flash Forward, again. The day had started like any other day. The bright, bold sun had come up and not a cloud in sight. I walked across the cool, crisp river to my friend’s house, just one more time... Summer had almost come to an end for me and Europe. Once I had reached her house, I greeted her with a smile and a hug. She, unfortunately, did not return the favor. Automatically I knew something was wrong…
“What, what is it?” I stammered.
“Well, nothing… It’s just I talked to him…” she replied.
“Yeah and…?”
“I asked him how things were going between you, and he said he was over it,” she said calmly.
“What do you mean OVER it? Over what?!” I yelled.
“He wants to go back to his old girlfriend. He says things were great, but it over now… He just lost interest…”
I felt like my world had been shattered. I thought the few weeks we had were amazing and I never saw it coming. I just couldn’t understand. But, it had happened, and I had to get over it.

The day had come when it was time to leave. He had distanced himself from me once again. He acted as if we were strangers, as if he had never met me. I assumed he knew that my friend had told me what he said. So, that day I had left without any goodbye to him. He watched me leave silently, without a word. After everything we had been through, nothing…


It hasn’t been long since summer. I still often think about him. I mean I know I’m young, and I have many years ahead of me, but it still hurts to think about it. Do I think I fell in love? Maybe. Who’s to say that I even know what love is? All I know is I spent my summer days with him; laughing, smiling, and being happy. I would stay up late at night dissecting every word he said. Pondering about what each meant and how it made me feel, even how it might have made him feel. I’d get butterflies in my stomach, be jumbling my words, and found it hard to walk around him sometimes. Teenage love kills. Or at least our perception of it does.

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