Rest in Paradise

January 18, 2012
By toriroshel BRONZE, Lv, Nevada
toriroshel BRONZE, Lv, Nevada
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After my softball game my team and I were walking to the concession stands to get some snacks. An overwhelming weight on my shoulder starts to pull me down, like someone bumped into me. When I regain my balance again, I turn around. Looking around to see anyone close by. I see her, with that ugly smirk on her face. I remember when we used to be best friends. Being at each others houses every weekend, and having the best times making dances together. “What happened to us?”, I always want to ask her. Now we act less as friends, and more like enemy’s.

I rarely hear her name, like a blue moon. So when all of a sudden one day I hear her name from a million people, something doesn’t feel right. Her face book had “RIP” written all over it. I got that feeling where your throat chokes up, your heart sinks to the bottom of your stomach, and your eyes are burning. Not knowing if I should feel regret or not. She committed suicide...No one expected it.

When her memorial came a couple days later there were so many people there. I’ve never seen a place so full in my life.

“Are you sure you want to go to this?” my mom asked.

“Yes mom, I’m sure,” I replied.

I walk out of the car to crowds of people mourning and sobbing. It was at the end of the night so it was dark and you could see the bright stars. They were handing out candles for around in a circle of candles and pictures of her. They were crying hysterically, you could barely hear yourself talk. No one knows we used to be best friends, so people were giving me dirty looks because they know we didn’t like one another recently.

A truck pulls up in the middle of the park, and they open the tail gate. They were allowing people to stand up on the bed of the truck and give a speech in front of everyone. All my friends went up. I didn’t have the courage to do it. My hands were shaking, tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t handle it so i moved to the very back of the crowd to take a breath of fresh air.

As a group, we all walked around the softball fields in memory of her, and everything hit me... I miss her, I regret hating her for the last year she was alive. I would do anything to tell her that I love her, and how extremely sorry I am. She was an amazing girl, and deserved to be nothing but happy. But it’s too bad I was stupid enough not to let her know that while she was here.

My mind is running a million miles per hour, I can’t walk anymore. I stop by the grass and tell my friends to keep going so I could have a little time by myself. I lay down on the grass and can’t stop to think if she would forgive me if she knew how sorry I was. As I look up in the sky, and enjoy how beautiful it is outside... I see a shooting star.

“Hey, are you okay?” My friend asks as she holds on to my hand.

“I...I...go away!” I replied.

I couldn't breathe, I couldn’t speak. My mind and my body went blank. I was completely numb. I felt like she was with me, as if she was giving me forgiveness and telling me she’s in a happier place now. I felt relief, uplifted. She is happier now, and I can’t do anything but be happy for the time I got to spend with her while she was here.

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