Bad Day

January 18, 2012
By johnaldmcdonald BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
johnaldmcdonald BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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My eyes opened up, it was bright outside. My mouth was as dry as the Sahara desert. I
laid for ten minutes, stretching and getting comfy. Then I chose to go quench my thirst, I go to
the bathroom then head towards the kitchen. To my surprise my uncle, aunt, and grandmother are
all sitting there. I was happy to see them all but it looked as if they weren’t happy to see me.
I go up and hug all of them and with each hug I feel as if they are trying to hold back
something. Something sad. We make small talk while we wait for my father and every ones
moods are just getting worse.
My sister awakes and comes out of her room and sees the same thing that I saw. She
reacted the same way. As if my father knew we were both up he comes out of his room face wet,
eyes beat red. We knew something was wrong.
Me being four years old I don’t know any better. But my sister who knew my mother was
in the hospital the past month knew. She was hoping for the best but expecting the worse. My
dad brings us back to his room and sits us on the bed.
Just as his face and eyes started to get cured they got even worse than before. Then he
musters up the strength to say it. “Las night kids.... Your mother passed away.”
Then he started to cry. My sister also started to cry. Me however am just fine, my dad
brings us all together for a hug as I get soaked in tears. I’ll never forget the day my mother died.

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