Raised and Confused

January 18, 2012
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I had just been woken up by my mom. I was about four years old and very confused. Not knowing why I had been woken up so early, I went downstairs. Before reaching the kitchen, I heard a voice. “Good morning,” my grandmother said. Why was my grandmother there? I greeted her as she made me a bowl of cereal.
I was curious why my grandmother had come to my house so early. She helped me get dressed and we went with my mom in her car. I took a nap.
Before I knew it, I was woken up again, but this time I was in a parking lot. I held my mother’s hand as I crossed the street. Finding myself in a weird building, I became nervous. My mom and my grandmother were talking to someone behind a desk. A lady came to me and told me to go look at the fish in the aquarium.
Ignoring the lady, I clenched my mother’s hand as she was still busy with the person behind the desk. Then, when my mom finished talking, she took me to a room. My grandmother followed.
In this room, there were many children screaming, yelling, and playing. A very happy blonde lady squatted down to talk to me. Once again, I clenched my mother’s hand. I totally ignored what this lady was saying. My mind was wondering why I was in this loud room.
The next thing I know, my mom told me to go with Ms. Cristy. I refused. I felt something surge through my veins, something that I had never felt before. It was a warm feeling, but very uncomfortable. It was the feeling of adrenaline.
I was very scared when the thought of leaving my mom occurred to me. She said bye as she let go of my hand. My grandmother gave me a hug and she left with my mom. Ms. Cristy dragged me to the seats in the middle of the room. I cried for my parents the whole day. The day felt very long.
The first day of preschool was the worst day of my life. I was very confused and scared on that day. All I remember was crying my eyes out. I did not yet understand what school was, but whatever it was, I did not want to be alone. When I saw my mom in the window, it was the biggest relief, but this was only the first day in a long journey.

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