Stereo Skyline

January 17, 2012
By KittyCat123 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
KittyCat123 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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There’s a lot I can say about December 11th. The fact it was my moms birthday and my friend took me to then Middle East to see bands. This is how it all went down. My friend showed me this band stereo skyline and I thought they were pretty good, plus the lead singer (the only one left in the ‘band’) is so cute. She told me there’s a concert with him the main band but 4 other bands playing at the Middle East an asked if I want to go. Duh I said yes. Almost every time she goes to see bands that are local or not that popular she always meets them so that ment I was going to meet him! Finally the day came. My friend blasting music waked me up, as she got ready. As I open my eyes I see my other friend laying on my brothers bed texting away. (My friend who took me to the concert was also my brother’s girlfriend. He wasn’t home so we slept in his room) I got up got dressed and checked my face book. After we where done we left.
As me tayla (the one taking me to the concert) and destiny walked down this long street some old guy tried to talk to us, we kept talking. As we past destiny’s house she crosses the street and says good-bye. By now Tayla and me were alone. I can’t really remember what we where talking about but it had to do with the band. As we walked in to Central Square I smiled. We towards Mc Donald’s, we walked in one door cross the store an out the other door. Then we walked across the street to the Middle East. We got in an I guess you can say small line of people who look way older then we did. They started saying starting making jokes about us saying things like ‘Oh Mc Donald’s is that way.’ Or just talking to they’re friend about us being in the line. They were not there for stereo skyline I could tell you that. I didn’t know what band they were there for, the only band I new that was playing was stereo skyline. We didn’t know what to do so we got out of the line, and walked around the block. We were waiting for Tayla’s friend who worked there and was getting us in for free. She kept calling and texting him but no reply. By the time we walked around the block and was on the main street again we didn’t know what to do. We didn’t wanna get back in the line so we just kept our distance waiting and waiting.
Finally the silence broke to Tayla saying ‘ omg there he is’. At first I thought she was talking about her friend but nope. She was talking about stereo skyline and the band playing with him. As he got closer I started to black out. He walked right up to us an tayla said hey an asked for a hug. He gave her a hug then me a hug. Tayla gave him the smart water she bought him and we got a picture with him. Then he said he had to go because they were going to eat before the show. (Local bands walk around a lot near where ever they’re playing I guess) As that happened the line was looking back as us like we were crazy. We stayed in that spot for a while waiting and slowly the line moved in. We got cold so we walked in to Mc Donald’s an sat down. I was looking out the window watching the people walk by and I see this girl or maybe it was a boy (sorry the sun was really bright in my face so it was hard to see) run by. They were bald. I was thinking did they have cancer or something and how said that is. My friend said she was tired of waiting an said do you just wanna go sit in the middle east restaurant? I said sure as we got up and walked out the door.
Right as we walked threw the door she said ‘oh there he is’. This time I thought she was talking about Kevin from stereo skyline but I was wrong once again, it was her friend. It turns out he didn’t have his phone on him. She said hi an we got our hand stamped and black X’s put on both of our hands that means were younger then 21 therefore we can’t drink, but why would I want to drink anyway? Its gross. We walked in and saw the first band who were okay I guess and all the other people. We got really bored so we walked right out and went to talk to her friend. As we were out there we found out stereo skyline was the last to play. We walked back in and the band was about done and it was time for the next band. They called them self’s ‘Brookline drive’. They were really good and the singer was really cute. Plus by this time I was sitting on the stage on the left. The place was pretty small. The 3rd band was ‘Spelling out disasters’. They were also really good and I was guessing the other people who were talking about us came to see them the most. The lead singer Tori was really cute and an amazing singer.
(She had boy ish hair and dressed like a boy but you could tell she was a girl. She just cut her hair… I did some research.)
Tay and me made two new friends from laughing about this other girl who was probably the only one dancing like she was on crack. There names where Kendal and Katie. Kendal had to interview Kevin and if she didn’t it was depending on her high school grade and passing high school. For the next band tayla and me got hungry so Kendal and Katie saved our spot as we went and got some fries in the restaurant. We finished and were waiting to pay as Kevin walked in with the band he’s playing with and sat near us. My friend asked him for his guitar pick after he was done and he said yes. We finally got up to go back to where they the bands were playing and saw the second to last band play there last song and I swear I heard Kevin say ‘I love you, you’re my favorite’ But I’m not sure. I went back and sat in the corner on the stage and saw Tory from the other band dancing to the music.
Then my friend nugget at me and said ‘Hey you wanted picture with him right’ Pointing at the lead singer of Brookline Drive. I jumped up and said yes. We both got pictures with him and it was time for stereo skyline to play. I sat back down waiting for him to come on and start. Since I was on the stage I saw the paper tapped to these big speakers with what songs they were going to play. I was so happy to see they were playing my favorite song ‘Me & you’. When he started to sing my favorite song my friend grabbed me to dance. I didn’t dance much because I can’t and I didn’t want to make a fool out of my self.
After it was over we talked to Kevin waited for him to take pictures with other people then get interviewed by Kendal. Once we were interviewing him we went out side under a streetlight where not a lot of people were talking and Kendal asked him her questions. I found out a lot of things. Like how Stereo skyline almost became the ‘big time rush’ but couldn’t because the drummer could not sing. And how Hot chelle Rae is there tour manager (I think). Plus how even how my favorite member of hot chelle rae, Jamie Follese isn’t ‘liked’ by many fans. But anyway I had a lot of fun seeing the bands and hanging our with Kevin and even meeting 2 semi famous people. ?

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