My Best Friend Kayla

January 13, 2012
By MaDlyiNLovE SILVER, Mckenna, Washington
MaDlyiNLovE SILVER, Mckenna, Washington
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Best friends are like peas in a pod. You can never separate them no matter what. My best friend and I have been like sisters since we were in sixth grade. She had two ponytails with mismatched stocking on. She had on Airwalk shoes and a hello kitty backpack. It was the second week of school and we were sitting in choir. I started giggling in a corner by myself. She walked over and asked what I was laughing about and I said nothing. She asked if she could sit with me and I said sure. After that we talked about boys, music, cute boys, teachers we disliked, and the hotties of the school. Kayla was my best friend from there on. We talked about everything, from our favorite classes, to our parents’ stupid rules. The only difference, I was what you call popular and she was at the bottom of the food chain. It never bothered us though. Everyone wondered why I was friends with her. When they asked I said she’s a nice person and a trustworthy friend. They called her mean names and I stuck up for her every day. Our sixth grade year was tough but we had each other that was all we needed. The next few years of middle school flew by and we were thrilled our 8th grade year was almost finished. We had made it to high school. The year we were looking forward to the most. But as the months went by in our freshmen year we grew apart. I turned to guys and popularity while she chose church and bible thumpers. Still, she was my best friend and stuck by my side. But I took her on the road to hell and she couldn’t watch me throw my life away for nothing. But she loved me like her little sister and didn’t want to get hurt anymore. Kayla always used to tell me, “It doesn’t matter who you hang out with or what you wear I will always love you no matter what.” I left school and was gone for almost 2 years. But she wrote me every day and called me when she didn’t have to work. I told her she was the bestest friend I could ever ask for. Finally I came back home and she was there for me when times got rough. I treated her like dirt some days and other times I would ask for forgiveness. She still forgave me after all I’d put her through. She was the one true friend I could count on for everything. She went out of her way to lift my spirits when they were down. I never noticed how much she had impacted my life till I had to say good bye. After 6 months of being home I got the news that my dad was getting stationed out of state and we would end up moving 1200 miles away. I spent every day I could with her till the day we left. The summer I left was the hardest for both of us. She turned the opposite direction but like how she was I never gave up on her. We grew apart and things changed. She’s still my big sister and I will never forget the day I made friends with an angel.

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