Josh near death.

January 12, 2012
By colten BRONZE, Carthage, Texas
colten BRONZE, Carthage, Texas
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Scared, worried, through josh’s wreck experiencing many things: learning that being careless can lead to disaster, The day had been going great. Josh, Dakota and I were very excited about the evening to come, we just knew we would limit out on ducks. We had already set a date for eating the ducks we killed that evening. 8th period was just about over, all three of us were sitting together waiting for that last bell to ring, knowing we still had twenty-three minutes left we were still so anxious to get out on the water and hunt letting nothing stop us.

Ding the bell rang; we each hustled to our lockers and stuffed our books and bags inside, then sprinting to the door that opens to the parking lot, and rushing to my truck as fast as possible. When we reached the truck we rolled all the windows down listening to music playing it as loud as we possibly could without getting in trouble. Finally we’re inside Poppy’s getting something to snack on while hunting; we always thought we could make it through the hunt without anything to eat or drink but ended up riding back to the house to get food anyway. Hoping we wouldn’t have to go back to this house this time we grab double the snacks; Jumping back into the truck, we were on our way to Josh’s house to grab his cloths and gun. Entering his house door we saw his equipment already lying on the couch read to be taken, Calling his mother josh waited patiently; finally she answers josh’s asks her if we could take the Ford Ranger because there wasn’t enough room on the four-wheeler for us three and our guns. Finally she answered the question with a “yes.”

Putting our guns into the cab of the truck, Josh decided he would hold his gun. Thinking nothing of it we hopped into the truck, leaving Josh in the bed of the truck where he had wanted to sit, we drove off. Turning on the dirt road, we were listening to some country music taking many turns to get to our destination. We had just turned down the last road driving at a speed of thirty-five still jamming, not paying much attention to the road and what was beyond it. We were getting closer and closer to our duck hunting spot not worried about a thing in the world a deer jumped out in front of the truck. Slamming on the brakes, we each hit our heads on what was in front of us. The bed of the truck swung around leaving us sideways on the loose gravel, inching closer and closer to the ditch. Dakota turned the stirring wheel the other way trying to correct the swing of the tail end of our truck, sliding to the edge of the road. The tire got caught on the grass and turned us completely sideways. We slid in the ditch hitting a dirt pit sending us into the air, barrel rolling we hit ground adding one more flip, before we hit a pine tree coming to a complete stop.

Upside down, I thought to myself;” Is this a dream?”. “Is this really happening, and am I alive?” Seconds later I came to and realized where I was, looking to either side of me seeing Dakota on one side and grass on the other. I looked back at Dakota and at that very instant we realized what had just happened, and remembering that Josh was in the bed of the truck, we screamed his name unbuckling our seatbelts. Kicking out the window we scrambled to get out of the vehicle as soon as possible. Our mouths fell to the ground looking there at Josh, which was holding his stomach almost crying because of the unbearable pain. Not really knowing what to do, we try to flip the truck back upright. Not having much luck with flipping the truck over, we call 911. Minutes later we could hear sirens of multiple policemen, ambulance, and fire trucks in the distance. The noise became louder and louder until finally they were in our sights. Waiting helplessly, Josh had worrisome in his eyes not knowing what was going to happen to him, not knowing if his was going to live or die, hoping and praying to God that he would make it because he still had his life ahead of him.

Loading Josh into helicopter, we all watched in agony wondering what was going to happen next. Of course the worst thoughts were going though our heads, it was a terrible accident. I called my family and told them the news they showed up within ten minutes coming from Marshall. My mother jumped out of the car, immediately looking up at the truck and the wreck site, she began crying, knowing that it could have been much worse. Thankful that I was alive as well as Dakota and Josh, she put her arms around me and gave me a very caring and thankful hug.

Arriving at the hospital in Louisiana, we saw his family and many others, saying hello and hugging the family trying to make them feel comfortable was a very emotional state. Minutes felt like hours and hours felt like days waiting on some news from the doctor. Another hour came and went and still no news, emotions were spread throughout everyone worrying about Josh and his family. Not understanding the pain the Fountains were going through, we all tried as hard as we could to do anything they needed. Moments later the doctor came into the room and it became very quiet. He explained Josh's injuries, and everyone’s heart dropped. Josh had a crushed kidney and spleen, had lost a lot of blood and his lungs where full of it, the emotions went from worried to scared. We all knew this was not good.

Later that night the doctor came to us saying that if we wanted to see him we could, but a few at a time, then give him a break every so often, so he could get some more rest. First off the Fountains went. Later the rest of the family, finally the friends, worried about what was going to be said in the ER, Dakota and I slowly walked into the room, looking at Josh lying in the bed half awake. We let him know that we were inside of the room by calling out our names. Half an hour went by and Josh hadn’t said a word to anyone since the wreck. Finally Josh turned his head, Dakota and I hopped up, wondering what was about to happen. Josh faces us with half open eyes, struggling to speak. Tears filled our eyes and Josh softly says three words that I nor Dakota will ever forget “guys, I’m alive”

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