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January 8, 2012
By djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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Life Memory One: Child Fun
I remember a couple of memories that I wanted to share. The first memory is the time when my Mom was looking all around for me. She and everybody else looked and looked for me. Eventually they had found me inside of the dog house with some other child from somewhere nearby. My Mom still wonders what happened in there and so do I.
Another thing that I wanted to share was the one time when I was younger I thought that it would be fun to ride the family dog down the stairs. When I had gotten onto the dog, the dog began to get nervous or something and then started to run down the stairs. I then fell off and I really don’t remember if I had gotten hurt or not.
The final memory that I wanted to share is more like a blackmail story. It all started when I was younger, I was told to do something for my Mom and years later I found out that she had a photo of me doing what I was asked to do. That thing I was I told to do was to pump her breast so that my younger brother could get some milk (At that time I didn’t know what I was doing other than helping my Mom.) Later in the years my Mom told me that her plan with the photo was to blackmail me when I was older. I really don’t know if she was joking or not, but before she could do anything of the sort the photo went missing. Now that it is gone I feel a lot better.

Life Memory Two: First Grade
About ten years ago I was in first grade and around that time I had met somebody that actually wanted to be my friend. As I was becoming friends with one person, I was being introduced to two other kids. If it wasn’t for that first person becoming my friend I would have never had that first true friend. That person’s name was Billy and the other two friends were Mark and John. We all had really gotten along. Towards the end of that year a guy named Chris had come down and moved in with us.

Life Memory Three: The Sister Devil Got Me
A little while later after my sister Destiny had gotten older; she had become a devil on Earth. I know that I had probably needed some of the things that she had done to me, but I know that it wasn’t all needed. Like one time I had a bag of candy, which Destiny had a sweet tooth and so she came up to hug me just so that she could get the candy. I quickly realized what was happening, so I walked away. Minutes later I went to the stairway and seen Destiny cutting up all my dollar bills, I was crushed. I then yelled for my mother so that I could tell her what I had witnessed. She came running and as soon as she arrived I told her every thing. I have not forgotten about that and I probably never will. Ever since that incident, I’ve kept up with my money a lot more.

Life Memory Four: Third Grade
This year a lot of things happened. It all started with my other sister Asiana being born. I remember my own part of the story and I probably will never forget it because of certain reasons. I was at school, when my stepdad Chris came and got me. He had already picked up my sister Destiny (I think) and we then went over to the hospital. We eventually sat down in some really uncomfortable chairs.

I really didn’t know what was happening. Eventually Destiny and I seen some of what was happening from the reflections of a paper towel dispenser. I have recently learned that Destiny doesn’t remember it and yet I remember all of what I had seen. Most of the memory involved blood. It scared me, and left a mental image that will never go away.

This same year my first and only dog died, and yet one good thing happened this year and that was me winning an award.

Life Memory Five: The Mess Up
Once in fourth grade, one of my best friends (Which were a girl) asked me to date her. I was really shocked and really didn’t what to say. I ended up saying that I really wouldn’t care, then she instantly lost interest and left.

I felt so stupid after I realized what had happened, and ever after that happening we hung out less and less. It was like I ruined our friendship because of one sentence.

Life Memory Six: The Big Move

At the end of fifth grade I had to say my goodbyes to all my friends and move to Ellettsville. We moved away in the middle of the summer and for years I had disliked my Mom because of the moving away. I hated Ellettsville and I still do. It took me long time just to understand why she decided to do that, now I have come to understand why and I’ve come to respect her decision.

Life Memory Seven: Some Old Friends Reunited

When my family and I had officially moved into the new neighborhood and lived there for a little bit of time something awesome happened. That awesome thing was my best friend Billy came over one night and later we had gotten a phone call, lets just say he moved in for a while. When school had begun, we found out that an old friend was there. That old friends name was Travis.

Later Billy and I got into two fights that year and after those fights he had to go back home. Then Travis and I got into a fight, which lead me to get exspelled. I know that this stuff between Billy and I doesn’t sound like great friends, but yet Billy and I are still the best of friends to this exact day.

Life Memory Eight: Travis’s House

Two years ago I had seen the new Travis and was shocked to see what he had become. I was invited to come to his house and of course I thought that it would be fun, OH BOY was I in for a surprise. When I had made it to his house, he came out and said, “Hi.”I then looked at him and said, “Oh my god is that really Travis?”

We then instantly started to wrestle. It was for about thirty minutes, but then he passed out. I stood there slapping him until he woke up and as soon as he woke up he asked, “Did I win,” and we all started laughing really hard. Later that night a guy came over and told Travis that if he would have gone to the party that he was originally planning on going to, he would have been shot in the head. After all that was said, I began to fell really nervous and scared.

That first night I really couldn’t sleep. The next night was kind of strange. It began with Travis’s Dad bringing some pizza to the house, then people making a bond fire in the back yard, and eventually people running into the house saying that Travis burnt the tip of his privet for a slice of pizza and ran around the back yard. I then thought about all of what they had said and came to a conclusion that Travis could have came back in the house and got another slice of pizza, but at least after that was said I knew that one thing didn’t change and that thing was his intelligence.

When I had gotten home I told everybody I knew what had happened that weekend, and OH BOY did I get some mixed emotions.

The author's comments:
This is a lot of some old memories that I remember.

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