The Egg

January 6, 2012
By Mary Klimek BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Mary Klimek BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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“Guys be quiet! My parents are still sleeping make sure you don’t wake them up!” Taylor whispered up to Ashley and Janeen. Seconds later they came running down the stairs with their black jackets on. My heart was starting to beat faster then what was considered normal. It’s game time. We decided to sneak out the window because it was close to the ground and the quietest exit out of the house. As the window of the porch clicked unlocked then creaked open we all stood there silently looking around for any movement. Taylor slipped out with the carton of eggs in her hands, followed by Janeen. Mari and Berna hopped out together and left me and Ashley to bring up the rear. We both leaped out the window quickly and silently, everyone was out. We all grabbed our two eggs from Taylor, and left our flip flops at the window; figuring it be easier and quieter to run bare footed. We laughed nervously as we crept closer to the back yard.

We had it all planned out, hide behind a black car a few houses down in a dark driveway until we were ready. Next sprint over to a trailer that was in his driveway and stay there until we were ready to throw. After we threw them we would run behind all the houses until we got to the house with the black car; and that’s where our plan ended. I felt like I was ready to puke. I was so nervous my hands and feet were shaking. Either everybody else was perfectly fine with the idea, or they were hiding it just as well as I was.

We ran through the back yards of the houses that backed up to Taylor’s until we got to the house across the street from the black car. Pausing and catching our breathe seemed to occur a lot; assuring us we were all completely out of shape. Next we hauled across the street to the black car where we stopped and sat on the driveway awaiting for the right time.

“ Ready….Set……GO!” said Ashley as we got up and sprinted down the road carrying our two eggs and approaching the trailer.

Giggling in satisfaction of getting this far, we peeked behind the trailer targeting his room. “Throw on the count of three!” Janeen said. These were the longest 3 seconds I have ever witnessed. It felt as if I could have ran back to the house and been in bed by the time they had gotten to 3.

Looking back now I felt as if we got this done in a matter of ten minutes; but when it was happening it felt like hours. You don’t realize how fast time goes when you’re doing something stupid.

When the first person whispered 3 my hand suddenly clenched and the egg in my left hand cracked. I quickly soon realized both of my hands were still shaking from my nerves. As the soft, gooey yolk seeped through my fingers the sound of eggs hitting a window quickly sank in. I launched my arm back and threw the one egg I had left. As I watched the egg in the dark sky, I wish I could have taken it back. I wish I could have taken the whole night back and go home to my own bed where my feet weren’t covered in mud, i didn’t have egg yolk on my hand, and most importantly, I hadn’t just egged my friends house.

I followed my friends past the trailer and around into their backyard making our way to their neighbors back yard. As we entered the next door neighbor's backyard and continued running a dog starting barking from inside the house, going nuts. My heart beat even faster then before. I sprinted as fast as my legs could take me. As we kept running through the next house, the back light went on because it was sensor activated. We all jumped a foot high, and ran even faster. One more house, then back to the black car where our plan ended.

We really should have thought this through more because now that we were in the moment we had no where to go and our minds were frantically going. As we sat there under the moon, I could feel the warm breath of the person breathing next to me. Our minds were all racing. We came to the conclusion to sprint across the street onto the other side of the road which was closer to Taylor's house then where we were now. As I sat there on the driveway still shaking trying to catch my breath and calm down, I looked down only to see the shininess of the sticky egg yolk. The feeling was disgusting.

As we ran through the yards I could see Taylor's house in sight. Almost there, only one more minute of this then I can pretend it never happened. Then I looked up. The house was in sight, only to see a man in the light of Taylor's kitchen. Taylor's dad knew we had snuck out. We all stopped at once all seeing the exact same thing i had just seen. Were going to be so dead. Our first reaction was to turn around, until we all realized we had just egged a house in that direction and figured that would not be such a good idea. We were stuck with no where to go.

Earlier in that night we had a bonfire so our best idea was to sneak around into the backyard and pretend we were there the entire time. Only problem; Taylor's dad wasn't an idiot. it was now 4:30 in the morning and that was our best plan on the spot. As we approached the fence and we started opening it until we herd it creek. We stopped. Continued opening it, no creek. Once we were all in the fenced in area we all dead-lined into the plastic chairs and sat down. We sat there in a whisper all seated around the burnt out bonfire, just waiting. Right at that second i looked over my shoulder and saw her dad standing at the door. "Taylor, you and all your friend's better get your ass' inside this house right now. Your all in deep s***"

That night I know changed me. I am not proud of what I did and for the idiotic choices I made and I still to this day regret every single thing from that night. This night made me grow up. I know I have matured because of this day. The consequence I received did nothing for me. I know it is wrong for me to say that, but it didn't. It's the fact of what I did and the guilt that stays in my head is what kills me the most. The fact of doing something this stupid to one of my friends houses' kills me.
The influence of people can really change you forever.

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