That Pair of Sunglasses

January 6, 2012
By Libby626 BRONZE, Goffstown, New Hampshire
Libby626 BRONZE, Goffstown, New Hampshire
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Unraveling the plastic wrapping around the glasses I get excited. Excited to look different and finally be able to wear sunglasses like everyone else I know. Unfolding the ear pieces I become overjoyed to put them on my face and feel as cool as my sister. I wore them for the rest of the summer everyday even inside I wore them to keep my hair back out of my face. The red paint on the inside makes me feel relaxed when I but them on. Finally having something I take everywhere with me is almost fulfilling, I never get the feel that I am missing something anymore. The plastic is cool when I put them; they run smoothly over my face when they slide on. The instant they are on my face I feel more mature and ten times older. Feeling like I could go anywhere with.

A pair of sunglasses is probably worn by most people throughout the day and many people wear them for different reasons. Some people wear them for one main purpose, to shield their eyes from the sun but many other people use them for different reasons. Celebrities use them to hide from the media so they look somewhat good. Other people use them to hide. Some to hide feelings and some to hide so people don’t assume things. Assume things like why are their eyes so red, why are they wearing shades when it is dark or raining. You can tell a lot about the kid of sunglasses someone wears too. The can have big bug eyed glasses, or huge rhinestones all
These sunglasses are made to look like the real thing, almost like a lot of people these days. Looking exactly like a pair of ray bands the glasses are knock offs they deceive people all the time and that’s what I like about them. They bring attention to me. To my beautiful face hidden behind a pair of glasses for four years. Until now I feel seen I feel like I am seen for me and not the nerdy look I was given just so I could see. This feeling is unexplainable to not look the way you have since fourth grade. Looking like a new person and having everyone notice is the best feeling.

I don’t think the sunglasses gave me this sense of looking different. I actually know for a fact that they didn’t make me feel this way. It was the contacts the moment they were put in my eyes I felt like a new person, and I know that was the turning point. Maybe it was for the better and maybe for the worst but it was a start to a whole new person. That’s when the sunglasses where really the most important thing in the world. Looking at those sunglasses I see memories good and bad. I see who I used to be. A good kid who was always uptight and never thought once about living on the wild side. I also see regrets things that events that might be one day looked back on and I think what was going through my mind. With those sunglasses I see times that I couldn’t even see straight and times I was pissed off and went for a walk to blow out steam.

The red painted on the inside of the sunglasses resembles how I want to feel for the rest of my life. I want to be relaxed for the rest of my life or at least in high school. That’s how I’ll get through these next four years. I’ll be relaxed and laid back and try to have as little stress as possible. I’ll be the exact opposite of that little nerdy girl with glasses. Different from that girl who used to be afraid to break the rules and take a chance at new things. It’s all because of that one purchase of two for twenty. All because of red and black fake ray bands that I bought that day after I got those contacts the day that change my life for what I hope will be the best.

The author's comments:
This paper is about how my life is changing as i grow up and experience new things.

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