January 5, 2012
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You know that awkward moment when you and your friend start laughing in the middle of class at something the teacher said or did? You try to stifle yourself but the little squirms of laughter keep trying to escape. Then, of course, the teacher just has to call you guys out in front of the whole class. The room becomes all quiet and palpable and everyone shifts ever so slightly in their seats to turn towards you guys.
But just now, all of a sudden, your friend decides to be quiet and act like it was your entire fault. So, consequently, you’re taking this one on your own. There’s something about the way a teacher yells at you that is just hilarious. Well, obviously if you laugh at a teacher when they’re yelling at you you’re going to get into even bigger trouble. So, instinct tells you to bite on your lip to manage the escaping chuckles. Incidentally, the way your friend looks at you just causes you to laugh even harder. Your teeth fly off your lip and the once chuckles become uncontrollable laughter. Then, as if in an instant, you’re in deeper crap.

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