words and songs and beautiful things

January 9, 2012

I am an artist, and I find beauty in the colors around me.

I like colors. I observe how all the different colors in nature work together in harmony all around us to create a type of unique beauty that is both everlasting and ever-changing. In this way, I like people of all different shapes and sizes and types, and in this way, people who like colors work together to create something truly beautiful. I am a reader, a writer, and a musician because I like colors. The music notes, the words- these are all colors, and they are arranged and shaped so they, too, harmonize to create immortal and incandescent beauty.

I have always been amazed at how the 26 different colors of the English language can give extraordinary insights into human character, entertain generations, and change the world. This wonder and appreciation for language started at an early age. By age five, I had read Heidi; by age six, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone; and by age seven, Gone with the Wind. Reading comes as naturally to me as breathing. I have become addicted to opening a book for the first time; to the feel of the creamy white paper; and to the beauty and flow of the words that stain the paper. Words have opened a whole other world to me. These colors have painted a world of dragons and heroes and anti-heroes; a world of love and loss and death; a world of utopias and reality. These colors have painted a picture of a perfect, yet flawed, world. These colors, these words, they are my world.

I do not just experience this world of words; I create it through my writing. I arrange and shape and manipulate the words until they caress your mind with their beauty and shock you with their boldness. My words take me on a personal journey. They force me to re-examine myself and my place in the world around me. Through my writing, I discover more about myself. Through my writing, I can immerse myself into this world I have created and I am finally free. Writing is my escape, my comfort, my friend. It is a piece of my soul.

If writing is the soul put into words, then music is the soul put into notes. I once heard silence being described as the canvas of music. Notes fill the silence with the emotions conveyed in the music. As an artist and aspiring composer, therein lies the excitement: creating something out of nothing.

I am a reader, a writer, and a musician, and I draw inspiration from all the different colors of people in the world. Just as colors harmonize in nature to create beauty, people of all different shapes and sizes and types work together to create peace. No one single person is everything. Different talents, perspectives, cultures, and people all merge to create a beautiful, diverse whole, and this whole inspires me in my art.

I am an artist, and I find beauty in the colors around me.

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