Arrested kid

December 18, 2011
By freddy2 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
freddy2 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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The time got away with something is when I got arrested by the cops.I was
only 11 years old in summer and how did I get arrested was because I stole
a bike.It was my fault because I saw a bike on the ground and I was going
to give it to the owner but my friend talked me into stealing it so I did.Then
we were next to Ecker Hill then we both saw my friends dad.He said “where
did you get the bike”?.We both said that “it was in a field and that we were
going to take it home”and then they left but then.A guy came running
towards me and pushed me off the bike.I hit the ground, my friends just
watched and then biked away then the guy called the cops and a few
minutes later a the cop came and then I lied to the cop and to my parents
and I told them that a teenager gave it to me so now my friend lives in
California but the thing that sucks is that I have a criminal record and my
friend didn't and now it will still be there, until I turn 18.I also got arrested on
October 4 after school and I am not giving names but there were three of
us. We were going to get in a fight with one kid and then the bus driver
called the cops and there were five cops and four cop cars to get only three
of us and then they told us to spread are hands and asked if we were in a
gang. We told them “no were not in one, and I tried to be funny but my
friends just said to be quiet and thats when I got away with something.

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