Will She Come Back

December 16, 2011
By Odie131996 SILVER, Sunman, Indiana
Odie131996 SILVER, Sunman, Indiana
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I waited for her to come home. I had waited all night, but she didn’t come home. I had school the next day, and couldn't’t wait any more. I was so tired, but I just couldn’t find my way into a blissful sleep. What is something happened to her, where was she, and how was I going to find her if something was wrong. Those are a few of the thoughts that ran through my mind as I laid there. Laying there thinking of the worst I fell asleep.

“Beep, beep, beep,” my alarm clock droned on forever until I finally gathered the energy to roll over and shut it off. Getting up I wobbled to the bathroom, and hopped in the shower. It felt good to let the water was away my sleepiness. The it suddenly hit me. My sister didn’t come home last night. Suddenly I was wide awake. I rushed to get the conditioner washed out of my hair. After I was fully dressed I ran out to the living room to peer out the front window. Her car was still not in the drive way. I only had fifteen more minutes to get ready, and I still had to get my hair done. All I could think about was how could something like this happen.

When my mom walked in to take me to school her first question was, “ Where is Ashlee’s car?”

“ I don’t know, she didn’t come home last night,” I said

My mom got a worried look on her face and I guessed Ashlee didn’t tell her were she was going. We got in the car for the long drive to school, but couldn't’t focus on how long it took to get us there I just wanted my sister to come home.
That day was hard for me because I didn’t know if my sister was coming back or if she was gone forever.

I was gifted with the sight of my sister after school to pick me up. I didn’t know if I should hug her or punch her in the arm. She had scared me to death, but she was still here and I knew no matter how late she stayed out or where she went she would always come back.

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