A Working Gangster

November 28, 2011
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As we pull into the gas station, I look around. It is dark and I have no idea where we are. Guess I once again have to trust my sister Ashley. Oh, that's just great. She got lost in a parking garage!

I turn my head and notice a man starring at us. The starring was not what caught my attention, only because I was starring at everyone too, it was his "look". He was wearing a blue track suit even though he looked like he hadn't worked out a day in his life. It was blue and weird enough it matched his blue lifted truck. We all know what they say about lifted trucks too.

As Ashley fills the tank, I watch this man. Suddenly, he starts moving toward the back of his truck, then towards us.

"Hoof," huffs Ashley as she gets into the driver’s side of the car.

She starts up the car and begins to make her way out of the gas station. I look back and see the man stop and stare after us. I wonder what he wanted.

"Dang," says Ashley.

I look and see the exit to the gas station backed up. There had to be ten cars waiting to get out in front of us. Traffic was so congested it was almost impossible for one car to sneak in every five or so minutes.

Turning around in my seat, I look out the back of the car searching for the man in blue. I start shaking when I see this man walking towards us, almost to the back of our car. I stare at him, with wide eyes, unsure of what to do.

"Ash, why is that man coming towards us?" I ask terrified.

"I'm sure he is just handing out fliers or something," Ashley tells me without taking her eyes of the road.

I watch as he comes closer and is now at the back of our car.

"Ashley!" I all but scream.

Turning around, Ashley sees the man and hits the locks. He has finally made his way to my window and taps on the glass. I finally get a good look at him. Along with the track suit he is wearing "bling". Lots of gold chain necklaces that make me wonder how he isn't hunched over. His hair in braided and he is wearing what I assume to be a grill. It was shiny, bright, and gold. It made him look as if there was something in his teeth. But no, it was just more "bling".

"I am not rolling down the window," I tell Ashley.

"Quit being a baby and roll it down! I want to know what he has to say."

"You say this until he pulls out a gun and shoots us. Our graves will have the over used saying, 'curiosity killed the cat.'"

I turn to the man and start to signal for him to leave.

"Shoo, shoo gangster, be gone."

Sighing, Ashley waves the man to her side of the car. As he makes his way over she rolls her window down.

"Yes?" I ask short and clipped.

I am not happy. This guy is going to kidnap us and my dad is too big of a cheap skate to pay for our release.

"Well hello there gorgeous, how are you?" he asks Ashley “Do you live here in town?"

"Yeah, we have our whole lives," replies Ashley.

Great that thing is hitting on my sister.

"Can we help you?" I ask irritated.

"You see ladies, I am a business man. Here in town I'm respected. So I can't help but offer my assistance to two such lovely ladies. If you ever need anything the hit me up," he tells us handing us his business card.

He saunters back to his truck and drives away. After watching him drive away, Ashley and I peer at the card. Seeing what it says we burst out laughing.

"What is this?" I say gasping for breath.

"He's a gigolo!" screams Ashley.

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