What Just Happened?

November 28, 2011
"You're dismissed, class."
Sporadically, the class stood up and left the classroom, and I was the first one out of the room. I walked a little quicker to stay ahead of the crowd, when my friend Natasha called to me,
"Hey Kristie, wait up!"
I turned to her as she jogged up to where I was walking.
"Why are you walking by yourself?" She asked humorously.
"Um," I looked forward, not really digested in the conversation she was trying to start, "I'm a loner. I like to be by myself sometimes." I smiled slightly at her, implying it wasn't personal.
She half smiled, as if she pitied me,
And she walked back to her other friends. I sighed in relief, not literally, but it was burden off my shoulders to not have to hold a conversation and pretend I was interested. I wasn't having a bad day, not at all. I just got out of a class last period with my crush, which we got our seats changed so I only sit two seats away from him. So I was actually having a good day, and I had laughed a lot from talking with my friends throughout the day.
But, being an introvert, I needed some time to wind down and be away from the talkative crowd of people. Even if it meant just not having to talk on the way to lunch; to mentally prepare myself for the social event ahead of me. Frankly, I found being social, tiring.

I turned the corner and slowed my pace to search for Rian, one of the only really good friends I had at this new school. Just as I thought I was going to have to sit by myself, I saw her. I smiled in relief. Knowing in this huge school, I had one person who knew me and I could talk freely with, without putting work into it.
We went in the pizza line, as I told her about my seat being changed next to Conner, and she told me what happened to her in the previous class, we got our lunch. We left the line and scanned the cafeteria for some good seating, and we found a good spot by our new group of friends.

We set our trays down but realized we forgot the sauce for our chicken nuggets. So we left our milk at our seats and took our trays up to the table. As we walked we passed Conner, and Rian said,
"There goes your boy!" as she laughed.
I tried not to grin but I couldn't help it.
"Boy gets me going" I said, and we both laughed.
We got some mayonnaise, our friendship sauce, as we like to call it, and walked back to our seats. As we got closer I glanced over to our seats and my eyes got as wide as the moon. I couldn't believe this! Conner was sitting in my seat! At that point I just started freaking out.
"Holy crap, oh my god, oh my god, holy crap!" I said panicked and quiet but so Rian could hear. I turned around to walk the other direction and Rian followed suit.
"What in the world is wrong?" I said.

"Don't look now, but when we turn back around to go back to our seats. Look at who is sitting in mine." And I looked at her with the most serious face I'd ever had.
She looked worried, so I said,
"Its not really bad, so don't worry, just look. Lets go."
And at that we turned back around and when we got closer I saw Rian craning her neck to see,
"Don't make it obvious!" I spat at her.
And she eased, but I guess she saw him.
"Oh my freaking god! Kristie!"
I squealed a little, smiled, and looked worried, all at the same time. This was a confusing situation.
"I know!"

I thought to myself, why is he siting there? Didn't he see our milk? Did he do that on purpose? Was it an accident? What should I say when we get there? I can't avoid it, I mean, my milk is still there.
"What're you going to say?"
"I don't know!"
"Do you want me to say something?"
I didn't say anything at first. We were two tables away now, my stomach was in knots and filled with butterflies.
"Um... yeah I guess so." Knowing I wouldn't be able to do it myself.
We started walking down the aisle where our seats were, and my heart was racing and my breathing was rapid. I felt so strange.
We got to our seats and I said "Uh, excuse me?" I looked at Rian. Conner and his friends looked at us.
"Those are our seats." Rian said.
"And um those are our milks" I added.

Rian smiled sheepishly and shifted her eyes to him and back at me. I smiled shyly and didn't meet Conner's glance as he got up, and quietly said "Sorry", which I though was so adorable. I felt so awkward and uncomfortable.
"Its alright." I replied quietly. I could barely hear it myself over the low hum of the cafeteria.
He walked around to the other side to sit next to his friend and I sat back down next to Rian and I turned my body so I wasn't looking at Conner. I felt kind of embarrassed and I didn't want him to think I was a weirdo stalker or anything.
Rian smiled, "I cannot believe that just happened!"
"Out of all the seats in the cafeteria, he sat in MINE! Coincidence? I think not"
We snickered quietly to each other about the situation. But I still felt a little clammy from what had just happened. I was still freaking out since he was sitting diagonally from me, and that's pretty close when I don't even know him(and I have a huge crush).
I looked at my tray with dissatisfaction, I lost my appetite. I guess from being so nervous; I really needed a confidence boost.
With all of that excitement, it was over as soon as it had happened. We got up to dump our trays early because I wasn't touching my food, and we went into the commons area. The situation was still in my head but I didn't want to bug Rian with my annoying crush chatter. So I just thought about it to myself, then I realized I had class with him next too! I smiled at the thought and just then,
"All right, time to go to class everybody!"
I kept smiling and told Rian I'd see her on the blacktop with the buses, as I walked to my next class the dormant butterflies rose again. A feeling I never got tired of.

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