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November 28, 2011
By kianw BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
kianw BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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When I was 5 years old, people thought of me as the most emotionally disturbed kid in my entire school. Worse than a Tasmanian devil being tickled by Steve Urkel. I would agree with them whenever I was with my kindergarten teacher. I don’t really remember her name so, I guess I’ll just call her Mrs.What’s Her Name. Mrs.What’s Her Name would always get me in trouble. It always seemed like she didn’t like me. She always got me into trouble even when I do the smallest of stuff. And I do mean small like flea small.

One day, it was nap time for us and I was in trouble for eating a kids’ leftover lunch in her shelf.
“Kian, you are to have no more recess for the entire day!”, said Mrs. What’s Her Name.

All I could do was stand there soaking and moaning from her cruel words. After that I thought, That is the last straw! After making all the kids laugh at me, I went away in front of my whole school and knocked some chairs down. Owe her time for eating my snack to early, It was just a little snack. Getting mad at me for no reason whatsoever, I can’t remember that much. so after all that I said “No more Mr. Sit and Cry!”, in my head.

Later when I was laying down for my nap I saw her walking in and out the door constantly. Probably for job purposes. “Here’s my chance.”, I thought. I locked one of the locks but it didn’t work. So I locked the second one and right when she tried to open the door she was struggling so much that it seemed like a battering ram being held by Mike Tyson screaming with a deep voice, “Open this door! Open this door!”.

I still felt sad, but I got revenge on her. Until it felt like she she was going to break the door down. After that I felt shaky and eventually opened the door. Obviously she new it was me and I got punished by my parents. I knew it was wrong but I also knew she deserved it. It was payback for all the things she’d done to me. So in the end it felt like Mrs. What’s Her Name was just a stubborn teacher who wore pretty much “strict” clothes and it didn’t feel like that’s the way you should act in front of a 5 year old. So to wrap things up, every time I was around her it felt like I would go crazy with a tantrum like a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

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