Silence of the Storm

November 23, 2011
By SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
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There is a storm going on outside. Nothing serious; lightning, rain, and thunder. It's beautiful. The lightning streaks across the night sky, lighting up the world around me. In the small time when the darkness disappears I can see a mouse scurry to the storage unit. I see a rose amongst a tangle of thorns unable to bloom because of the suffocation.
In too short of time it's over. The silence of the night. The calming chirp of crickets. I could sleep out here with the stars twinkling overhead and the smell of rain filling my nose. As I lay on the grass, I realize for once how at peace I was.
Life just might go on.

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