Longer than you Think

January 5, 2012
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A few months ago something dreadful happened to me. My dad had moved to Melbourne, Florida. Before the move I saw my dad every day. We always had fun doing activities together. I knew it would be a change that would make my life very different.

Over the summer of 2011 I got to go to Disney with my brother, Mom, and my cousin Christina. While we were there, my dad surprised us and met us at the park, it was fantastic. He ended up staying with us the whole week. After the week in Disney, I knew it was time to enjoy a longer amount of time in Florida but not in Orlando. My older brother Joe and I were staying with my dad for three and a half weeks. “This is going to be a blast.” I kept thinking.

As my mom got into the taxi with my cousin to go to the airport, my mom kissed me on my forehead leaving a bright red smudge mark. I smiled and went to my cousin to give her a hug goodbye. “Have fun.” They said. I replied with a thanks, but in my head I was really saying, “don’t worry, we will.” As I opened the truck door, I took a big step up to get to my seat. It felt good to be in my dad’s car again. From that, we headed on to my dad’s new house.

As we started to get closer and closer to his house, I rolled down my window. The smell of salt water came rushing in, with the wind blowing through my hair. I felt like I was in paradise. “What do you kids want to do when we get home?” My dad asked with excitement, knowing that he’s going to be with his kids for a while. Joe being the easy going one replied with “doesn’t matter, whatever’s easier.” For me, that question ran all kinds of ideas through my head like a roller coaster. “ Beach, pool, restaurant, mall, walk around, catch lizards, meet the neighbors! I exclaimed having ideas splurge out of my mouth. My dad laughed as we pulled into Vining Street. At that moment I knew we were down the street from my dad’s house. My dad kept driving slower and slower.

I was the first to practically jump out of the car right as we were pulling into the driveway; I went to the trunk, grabbed my suitcases and darted for the door. I threw my hand on the doorknob and pushed the door open. There it was… my dad’s new house. First thing I saw was straight ahead, an in ground pool with a hot tub having water dripping down into the pool. Palm trees were surround the backyard, with neon green lizards jumping around. It was a wonderful site that I couldn’t stop smiling about. I walked back inside and could barely sit still. My dad laughed and my brother smirked. After the tour of the house, we went out to, to a place called Dustin’s. We walked in and the smell of heaven drifted by my nose. We sat at a wooden booth and started to look at the menu.

After we started to go out to restaurants, learn the neighborhood, and spend nights at home, the three and a half weeks flew by. The last day was here and it felt as if I just ran in the house seeing it for the first time. My dad grabbed his keys and got his shoes on. “Come on kids wrap it up.” He said in a depressed tone. We grabbed our suitcases and headed out the door. Knowing that I wasn’t going to be back in a while, set a tear down my cheek.

The drive to the airport wasn’t as great as going to my dad’s house. I rolled down the window and let the cool wind wake me up, along with the drizzle of rain smacking my face. I looked a head and saw a sign with an arrow. On it, there was big white bold writing that said “International airport 1.2 miles away.” I started to feel hopeless. The thought of leaving my dad came and I started to get upset. We rolled in the parking lot and got our luggage out. We dragged them over pebbles and sand in pain.

“Flight 209 please start to board,” a flight attendant announced. I turned to my dad with glossy eyes and gave him a hug. “Thank you for everything.” I said with a sniffle coming after. I could tell my dad was sad too. I stepped on to the plane, now with tears running down my cheeks. ‘When was the next time I was going to see my dad again?’ I questioned myself. I sat down and stared out the window, starting to close my eyes to fall asleep.

When I got back to my house I was happy to see my mom. It felt like I hadn’t seen her in forever, even though the time in Florida flew by. I told her a ton of stories and showed her everything I got. She was very happy for me. Even though she knew I was happy to be home, she could tell I missed my dad too. But I was happy that I got to see him before starting eighth grade, it made me feel a lot better.

As months went by I started to miss my dad more and more. I talked to him on the phone every night, and got many letters from him, but it only made me miss him more.

One rainy afternoon, I decided to watch a movie with my friends Taylor and Jess. We were putting in “Mean Girls” right as my phone rang. I looked at the screen and it said “Dad is calling.”I picked it up with a jubilant tone and said “hi dad!

Without even replying with a Hello, he replied with, “Do you want to know a secret?”

“Yes, of course!” I said.

“I am at Josephs’ football game.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “You’re… you’re in Fairfield!?”

“Yes, but do not tell Joe I am here, I want him to walk out on the field and look in the crowed and see me.”

With that, I screamed. I told my dad okay and that I couldn’t wait to see him later.

As hours went on I heard my dad’s truck door shut from inside. I jumped up from the couch and ran to the door. Before I could get to it, my dad was already standing there smiling. I was thrilled; I couldn’t believe this wasn’t a dream. “I have to talk to you and Joey.” I told my friends I would be right back and walked in the other room with my brother and dad. He began with this… “I have been thinking if moving to Florida was the right idea, even though I have been looking at better houses and businesses, it just isn’t working out. The worst thing about moving away was leaving you guys. I love you both so much and regret leaving you. So I might move somewhere else other than Florida. My brother and I just stood there, not knowing what to say. “Well I really miss you but I think you should do whatever’s best.” I said, wanting to say please come home. “Well I think I’m staying here for a little bit.” My dad replied. I didn’t understand what he meant by that. Did he mean he was staying here for days, a week a month? “How long do you think dad.” I asked with curiosity. “Longer than you think.” He said with a smirk. “The moving trucks are already on their way down. I’m not going back to Florida any time soon.” The second after him saying that, I broke down in tears and looked at my brother. My brother couldn’t believe his ears. We both smiled and hugged my dad. “Dad I can’t believe you moved back! I missed you so much!” I screamed with tears rushing down my face. I ran to my friends and sat down, just crying, not saying anything. They both jumped up and were wondering what was wrong. I smiled at them and said, the greatest thing just happened to me. “What?” They asked. “My dad came to visit, and isn’t going back.”

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lisainct said...
Jan. 17, 2012 at 10:12 pm
I am very proud of my daughter, Julianna. She has written many poems and stories and I am thrilled she has decided to share one of them with all of you. Julianna cellebrated her 14th birthday early this month. :-) I'm so blessed.
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