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December 24, 2011
By dsanders BRONZE, Great Falls, Montana
dsanders BRONZE, Great Falls, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
"Think rich, look poor." -Andy Warhol

Never miss an opportunity to tell your family you love them.
Remind yourself constantly to love life to the fullest: there is no control over the amount of time spent alive.
Enjoy mom’s home-cooked meals while they last. Unfortunately, soon you will have to count on cooking skills which could easily be surpassed by a monkey chef.
Always obsess over the newest band discovered, and develop music of your own. When words fail, music speaks.
At least try not to succumb to the temptations of procrastination. Homework is more important than whatever else you may find to do. Failure is not an option. Keep the grades up and the parents happy.
*Note: Happy parents are more willing to spend money and extend curfew.
Do not fight with the Grandma in the basement. As agitating as she may be: she is your Grandmother. If you make her cry (tread lightly, she’s sensitive) apologize.
Laugh when appropriate. People who laugh often live longer.
Spend as much time with Breezy as possible. A sisterly bond is more important than any friendship you could ever develop.
Have patience with Mom. She is amazing, but also ADD. Though she may drive you crazy, she is one of the most important people in your life. She knows you better than even yourself.
Grin and bear it when Dad comes home in one of his moods. He is overworked and over stressed. He is a great father and has an awesome job!
Last but not least, always take your vitamins.

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