Lilo & Stitch.

December 13, 2011
By , San Diego, CA
People say that Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth.

For me, it was the place that changed everything. It was the place that changed my summer. It was the place that ended the chapter of Lilo & Stitch. A chapter that I will never forget.

We met over the summer, when I joined a performance troupe. The moment I walked into the Hall, little did I know that the cute boy with dimples sitting on that stage would become my best friend and teach me things I never thought I'd muster.

A week after I joined, we went to a Fair withe our friends. The night before, we decided to match. Gray tops, khaki shorts, and TOMS. He loved TOMS. And the moment we walked into thee Fair, he grabbed my hand.

The entire day, we held hands as we walked around, took tons of pictures, and smiled like fools. That day signaled the start of a unique relationship.

"We should have nicknames for each other."

"Like what?"

"Oh! I know. Lilo & Stitch. Because we're exactly alike and we love Disney. You're my Lilo, and I'm your Stitch."

As summer progressed on, so did our bond. We texted all day and skyped all night. We learned things about each other. We laughed together, alot. We made millions of pinky promises. We had friendship bracelets. We wrote each other letters. We continued holding hands everywhere we went. We were inseparable.

August 19the. The day that changed everything. Our performance troupe held an annual Disneyland trip, and this year it happened to be on that special day. It was his birthday, and I stayed on the phone with him until midnight to make sure I was the first to greet him. The week before, we agreed to match again, and get bracelets together, and watch World of Color together. The day came, and we were on top of thee world.

As thee sun was setting over Paradise Pier, our troupe was strolling down thee boardwalk. The sun was kissing my cheeks rosy red and my hair was whipped in a tangled mess. I turned to look at the boy holding my hand walking next to me and smiled. He smiled back, dimples and all.

When night came around, the troupe sprinted to the Ferris Wheel to see World of Color. As for Lilo & Stitch, it was their first time seeing it; and with this in mind they chose to see it together, apart from the troupe. So there they were, huddling near the water away from thee crowd. He had his arm around her, and the night was chilly so they were wearing matching hoodies. However, every now and then, Stitch would tilt his head away from thee spectacular lights and gaze at Lilo's face. His eyes, so close to hers. His nose, grazing her cold cheeks. From time to time, he'd inch in closer and closer to her face, she oblivious and captivated by thee lights.

"So Close" from "Enchanted" began to sound across thee place. He held her tighter, and she gazed into his eyes which were already on hers. They grinned wide, both hearts pounding fast.

The lights dimmed, and the endless rain of water pounded on the onlookers. Groans and utters of wetness permeated across thee crowds. Lilo squinted her eyes in amusement as she looked over at Stitch.

"Hey," she giggled. "You're soaking wet." She brushed her fingers across his cheeks to wipe them dry.

And he leaned in and kissed her on the lips.


That was then. Lilo & Stitch were a dynamic duo. She was his Smile. He was her Laughter She was his First Kiss. And he was her First Love Letter. She was His Love. And he was Her Love.

A considerable amount of time has passed since that fateful night. Seasons changed, from summer to fall. Time passed, from fall to winter. Although the story has progressed on, the plot winding down to new chapters; causing both protagonists to go different ways, the chapter is still there. Written, enclosed in a past segment.

Lilo & Stitch.

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